Pine Cone Ornaments

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Christmas, the season for evergreens…

So, Thanksgiving is done and as we are recovering from our comfortable turkey coma, it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas. Consequently, we also have to ponder on the themes of decorations we’d like to make this year. To this end, since there is an obvious association between the Yuletide spirit and evergreens, why not consider some pine cone patterns? Overall these are quite easy, very thematic and definitely very attractive decorations that will not only match your tree, but be a great stocking stuffer as well. Moreover, you can combine them with some pine scents easily available from local craft stores. In this way, they’ll add that “foresty”ambiance to any Christmas get up. Of course, a pine cone is a pinecone, and you may think they’re a bit ho-hum. However, have a look below, and think of the customizing possibilities.

Pine Cone

Or first pine cone ornament is a simple hanging one. Not only is it quite realistically shaped, it’s also a great way to use up some earth tone yarn ends that aren’t always immediately useful.

Pine Cone Ornament

Go to the pattern: Pine Cone

More info about project photographed also on Ravelry. 


Crochet Spruce Cones

Next, this pine cone ornament is actually a spruce cone. Like its namesake, it is dense and quite smoothly ovoid, which would contrast so nicely with the more traditional pine cone.

Go to the pattern: Crocheted spruce cones

More info about project photographed on Ravlery.


Pine Cone Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Finally, here is another realistic pine cone ornament. To summarize, this pattern is great, because the quality of the tutorial makes it easy to get up to speed. Moreover, the cones themselves are very attractive and will greatly complement any decorative theme.

Pine Cone Christmas Ornament

Go to the tutorial: Pine Cone Christmas Ornament


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