Turkey Coasters - free pattern

Three crocheted turkey coasters on a table.
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Joanne Loh’s Turkey Coasters crochet pattern brings the spirit of Thanksgiving to your table with these delightful and functional coasters. Crafted using fall-colored yarn, these pieces capture the essence of the holiday season. The magic, however, lies in the meticulous outlining and detailing, particularly on the turkey’s tails, which adds a touch of whimsy and liveliness to your crochet works.

What’s fascinating is that you have the creative freedom to transform these turkey coasters into charming peacock coasters. Simply switch to yarn colors like green, light blue, dark blue, black, and brown to give them a vibrant peacock twist.

This pattern is a perfect choice for advanced beginners and intermediates. With a DK yarn weight and a 3.0 mm crochet hook, you can easily create these lovely coasters and infuse the warmth of the Thanksgiving season into your home decor. These turkey coasters make for an excellent DIY project and add a playful and functional element to your Thanksgiving festivities.