Free patterns by Joanne Loh

Joanne Loh, the founder of Craft Passion, is a lifelong enthusiast and talented designer with an enduring passion for the art of crafting. Raised in a household steeped in craftiness, Joanne’s early years were spent marveling at her grandmother and mother as they transformed threads into exquisite creations using needles and sewing machines. This early exposure kindled a lifelong fascination with handicrafts.

From her youth, Joanne embarked on a DIY journey, learning from her elders, delving into books, and scouring the internet for the latest techniques and trends. What captivated her most was the ability to infuse a personal touch into her creations. Among her numerous projects, she holds a special affinity for crafting wearables, purses, heartfelt gifts, and her signature sock animals and amigurumi.

Joanne’s generosity knows no bounds, extending beyond crafting into the realm of delectable family recipes and culinary discoveries.

In the world of Craft Passion, a blog born out of Joanne’s creative spirit, she shares an abundance of free crochet and knitting patterns, informative articles, and step-by-step stitch tutorials. Her thriving YouTube channel, with a dedicated community of 115k subscribers, bears testimony to her influence.

Joanne Loh’s creations are a fusion of fancifulness and functionality, radiating beauty in every stitch. Join her on a journey and explore the wonderful world of handcraft.

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