Puppy Baby Lovey - free pattern

A crocheted baby blanket in blue with a stuffed animal.
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Prepare for a real dose of cuteness with the Puppy Baby Lovey from Crochetpedia! This adorable crochet security blanket will quickly become your child’s favorite cuddle companion. It will also make a lovely handmade gift you can give away to your friends’ kids.

This pattern is easy to tackle and will suit crocheters with a beginner skill level. It combines basic stitches with a little bit of increase and decrease. The back loop-only technique will help you join pieces of this amigurumi project, while the magic ring will add extra texture. For the final touches give your puppy a cute little face by adding the embroidered eyes and nose. You can stick with shades of blue or go for a pink color perfect for a girl. The sport yarn with a cotton blend will make this crochet security blanket last through every wash. So are you getting started with the Puppy Baby Lovey today?