“Checkmate” Pocket Scarf With Hood - free pattern

a woman wearing a crochet shawl featuring two pockets and a hood with a checkered motif
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The “Checkmate” Pocket Scarf With Hood crochet project by Tidzhen Gyuldzhu combines classic motifs with a modern look. If you are looking for a functional clothing accessory with an interesting design, you should include this wrap on your list. Beautifully textured fronts of this crochet shawl feature a traditional black and white checkered motif detailing pockets and the hood. Its hooded design makes it a perfect piece to style with casual outfits. Made with medium-weight yarn, it will provide extra warmth during the transitional months.

The “Checkmate” Pocket Scarf With Hood will suit any crocheter who knows basic stitches and would like to try their hand at a bit of colorwork. The author included detailed instructions that will help you along the way. The pattern is also very easy to adjust to any desired size. This you can make it not only for yourself but also for your teen or your child. Before getting down to crocheting, prepare worsted yarn in three different colors and a 6 mm crochet hook to obtain the needed gauge.