Amigurumi Ivysaur/Bulbasaur - free pattern

a blue crochet bulbasaur Pokemon amigurumi with a pink flower on its back
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Every Pokemon fan will call this Amigurumi Ivysaur/Bulbasaur crochet pattern by Megan Bubbles a true masterpiece! The number of details will make not only children but also adults appreciate this project. If you have a Pokemon trainer in your family or among friends, this piece will make a perfect gift for them. It has plenty of options for customization, too! Add a beautiful flower blossom on its back to get a feisty Ivysaur or make only the bulb to obtain a cute Bulbasaur. Follow the colorway used by the author to preserve the original look of your handmade Pokemon.

The crochet pattern is suitable for crocheters who know how to do the shaping and sewing as well as work basic stitches. Prepare medium-weight yarn and a 3 mm crochet hook to make this project. You will also need scraps of felt in different colors and embroidery floss to put all facial features. Use polyester fiberfill stuffing to get a delightfully soft cuddly toy. Ready to give it a try and get your Amigurumi Ivysaur/Bulbasaur?