Owl Christmas ornaments

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Searching for a speedy and adorable little decoration for your Christmas tree? Or what to make for a special decoration in your room that you can hang all year round? Look no further! Today I would like to introduce you the best owl ornament patterns. Each of them is quick, easy to make and will give you lots of fun! The projects are small which allows you to make a few or them for yourself or use these patterns as a last minute gift idea. You can also use these patterns as a holiday garland, baby mobiles or even as a coaster.  If you have never crocheted an owl before, you can be sure it is high  time to add them to your crochet workshop. Owls are the symbol of wisdom, are very funky motif in themselves and, apart from all that, they are very very cute!

Below you will find a short description of each pattern, a photo and  a link to it. Most of the patterns are totally free!

Nesting Rainbow Owls

These little guys are designed by Moji-Moji Design and made of light worsted weight/DK yarn. They are simply adorable! Owls from the pattern are in rainbow colors, but they would look pretty in any color you chose. The owl nest is the part of a pattern, if you want to hang them just use a string or Christmas tree ornament hanger.

Nesting Rainbow Owls Crochet Ornaments Free Pattern

Nesting Rainbow Owl – visit the free pattern site.


Owl Christmas Ornaments

These owl ornaments are made of scrap worsted weight cotton. Designed by Rebecca Homick, it has a very simple but intriguing look. The owl is made in a spiral so you don’t need to slip stitch at the end of a row.

Owl Christmas Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

Owl Christmas Ornaments – visit the free pattern site.


Christmas Bulb

If you would like to make a project with a more traditional shape of bulb, try this one. Round owls with funny ears and tiny wings, will be an eye-catching accent for your Christmas tree this year. These ornaments measure approximately 3 inches across. The pattern designed by ZoomYummy is very detailed, so creating this little wonder will be easy and fun.

Christmas Ball Crochet Ornament Pattern

Christmas Ball – visit the pattern site.


Colorful Owl Ornaments

The next project is a slightly longer shaped owl, designed by 5 Little Monsters. For a fun, offbeat look you can run with vivid hues as was done in the picture. However, if you need a more woodsy look, you can make them in greys, browns or even all white for a snowy owl. Packed with Poly-Fil, they are light which is ideal for decorating the tree. The bodies are crocheted in one piece with the wings sewn on afterwards. Felt eyes and beaks are stuck on and after that a string is added to hang.

Colorful Owl Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

Colorful Owl Ornaments- visit the free pattern site.


Owl Ornaments – Coasters

Flat shaped ornaments designed by ZoomYummy will be a good project if you are looking something slightly different. These ornaments measure about  2 3/4 inches (7 cm) wide and 3 1/4 inches (8.5 cm) tall. It will be a perfect project for a Christmas tree, but you can also use it as a holiday garland, appliques or coasters.

Owl Ornament Owl Coaster Crochet Pattern

Owl Ornaments – Coasters- visit the pattern site.


Baby Owls

The tiniest and easiest project of all. These baby owls are 2-inch plushies designed by Josephine Wu. It will be a very quick project for baby ornaments, but you can use them as a last minute gift, key chain, party favours, baby mobiles or just as a part of packing decorations.

Baby Owls Free Crochet Pattern Ornament

Baby Owls- visit the free pattern site.


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