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Little Ami Gingerbread Man Ornament Free Crochet Patterns

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So, even though the gingerbread man is likely one of the most iconic and classic decorations for Christmas, there is still so much that you can do to make them truly your own. In addition to the typical decorations, frosting and such, little accents personalize them beautifully. Of course, the dark, spiced cookie is still the basis but the rest is entirely up to you. Therefore, in order to get you going, we have compiled a small selection of some ideas to help you get in the spirit of these wonderful toys. Indeed, they’d be a great idea for a themed Christmas tree on which gingerbread people would be the dominant decoration.

Gingerbread man

First, this little guy is a mosaic and optical illusion all in one. While this is a simple pattern made of basic shapes, it has a wonderful 3D quality that would also make it a great toy for small hands.

Go to the pattern: Gingerbread Man


Gingerbread Man

However, here is a more traditional form of this Christmas treat/decoration, which looks like it came right out of the cookie cutter. In particular, I love the white line of “frosting” around the edge, such a classic touch.


Go to the pattern: Gingerbread Man



Next, here is a gingerbread figurine with that looks like it has that happily bloated feeling after having polished off the Christmas turkey and cake. Overall, this one takes the cookie for being just soooo cute!

Go to the pattern: Gingerbread Man

More info about project photographed on Ravelry.


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Tami Hamilton 7 December 2021 at 3:29 pm

There are quite a few sweet crochet and crafty patterns here I like.


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