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Heirloom Baby Blanket Ideas

Make something that will be a timeless keepsake…

While we all become adults over time, we all love to harken back to our childhood and reminisce of those happy days. So, let’s take some heirloom baby blanket ideas and make some memories for our kids. Thus, in time, they too will reminisce and pull these blankets to show their own kids. Indeed, there is little that I would find as heartwarming as my children telling their children “Look, my Mom made this and now it’s yours”. Truly, a wonderful project can be the bridge that spans generations, or at least one of them. However, there is no reason that these projects should be daunting. Indeed, the hallmark of a true heirloom is that it’s simple, timeless and functional.

Modern Heirloom Blanket

To begin with, here is an example that combines simple stitches and and intriguing texture. Overall, it’s a great pattern for a 3 color combo, but also it can have more, for example in a rainbow arrangement. That said, regardless of the color scheme you choose, the texture of this blanket is absolutely wonderful visually and tactilely. Therefore, this blanket will be one for the family books.

Modern Heirloom Blanket

Go to the pattern: Modern Heirloom Blanket

Heirloom Coverlet for Baby

However, if what you’re after is a traditional design, full of lace, cables, puffs and shells, then this heirloom baby blanket is just the thing for you. To summarize, it uses many stitches, and is probably addressed to more advanced crocheters. Although, if you want to challenge yourself or simplify with repeated stitches there is room for that as well.

Heirloom Coverlet for Baby

Go to the pattern: Heirloom Coverlet for Baby

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Tonia Ivey 25 November 2021 at 7:03 pm

Absolutely gorgeous!!❤️

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So beautiful. I look forward to seeing all your designs.

sal 27 November 2021 at 6:45 pm

i found the perfect baby blanket on your website
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