A collection of amigurumi animals.

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It’s February, and we don’t need a theme

Indeed, any amigurumi is great as a February amigurumi and here are some critters to make your Februray fun and enjoyable. So, this is a collection of cute, adorable creatures that will be fun toys for the kids, but also a fun pastime for yourself. Moreover, they are also great ways to use up yarn scraps, due to their small size. Therefore, don’t wait, choose your beastie and start crocheting. Indeed, I can’t see any reason not to, except maybe a large project that your working on now. Of course, these little lovelies are also a fabulous break from that,

No-Sew Scrap Cat Amigurumi

First, this February amigurumi is a simple little kitten, that is just ready to play. Of course, you can make them sleepy and content as well, but either way they’re sooooo cute.

Tiny Cat Crochet pattern

Go to the free pattern: No-Sew Scrap Cat Amigurumi


Stevie the Stygimoloch

Next, here is a February amigurumi that is a wonderful dino for the kiddies. Your little Allan Grant or Ellie Sattle will love it.

Go to the free pattern: Stevie the Stygimoloch


Panda, Bunny, Tiger

While the Chinese New Year has past, here are some February amigurumi critters that are so appropriate. Overall, they are just adorable, and so much fun.

Panda, Bunny, Tiger

Go to the free pattern: Panda, Bunny, Tiger


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