Four pictures of crocheted towel topper ornaments - santa, snowman, and reindeer.

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Dress up your towels!

So, you have decked out and dressed up the rest of the house. However, your towel racks are looking a bit plain. At any rate, until now they have been, because now this is no more, because we present you these festive towel toppers. Thus, now you can get your hanging towels, be they bathroom or kitchen ones, into the yuletide spirit. Of course, they need to be easy and quick because you have so many other things to do before Christmas. Not only this, they need to nestle comfortably between your other, grander projects. Overall, not only are they worthwhile, they will be a great final accent among your Christmas decorations. To summarize, however fancy your holiday preps, there’s certainly an appropriate towel topper to match.

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Gnome Towel Topper

Since every Christmas collection seems to need some Christmas gnomes, here are some festive towel toppers that turn your hanging towels into Scandinavian Christmas gnomes. Moreover, as they’re quite large, they will also work super well as high vis centerpieces in your bathroom.

SkillsEasy           Designer Tonya Bush

Gnome Kitchen Towel

Go to the pattern: Gnome Towel Topper

Snowmen Kitchen Towel

The snowman kitchen towel is also a nice way to bring some holiday cheer into your home. It’s a lovely pattern with a jaunty tophat… it’s Frosty personified.This one will be a favorite with the kids. Indeed, it may even teach them to wipe their hands after washing!

kitchen towel

Go to the pattern: Snowman Kitchen Towel

Reindeer Kitchen Towel Topper

Of course, no list of Christmas decorations would be completer without reindeer. Thus, here is a reindeer topper with a jingly bell harness and a wonderful, glowing nose.

reindeer kitchen towel

Go to the pattern: Reindeer Kitchen Towel

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