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I’m a craft designer and author of hundreds of articles and reviews about crocheting and other crafts. I search out and present novel approaches to classic patterns and techniques to encourage you to try something new. I’m delighted that so many of you read my posts and that I can contribute to promoting our crochet community. I’m interested in crafts, interior design and love traveling and sitting next to a campfire. I live with my husband and three kids in the Rockies.

Welcome, fashion followers! Are you in the mood for a fashion talk? In the world of handmade bags, the simplest sometimes means the best.

We all know that preparing our summer wardrobes takes time, right? Girl, obviously! The hottest of seasons is evidently at its peak now, but we are still on the hunt for inspirations and ideas on how to spice up our outfits. Today, let’s focus on the most fashionable crochet patterns for Minimalist Shoulder Bags. We love them because they are always the right choice. Seriously, you can wear them for any occasion! Which pattern from our selection will inspire you the most? How will you style your favorite? We are so curious! Crochet shoulder bags with free patterns are now waiting for you to get curious about them. Well, what do you think?

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Breeze Shoulder Bag Free Crochet Tutorial

Skills: Easy     Designer Alya Francis

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  1. Ann Robinson says:

    breeze-shoulder-bag-free-crochet-tutorial – every time I come on here to get a look at a pattern or tutorial this run around drives me nuts I cannot get to the pattern or tutorial for this bag and it happens all the time whats going on? Am so frustrated and fed up………….

    1. It’s a video tutorial and it is at the end of the post.

    2. Yes it is just their way of getting people to click on their links. After a while you’ll recognize the names of the websites in the link and not even bother to click on them. Good luck

  2. Where can I get a hard copy of the Breeze Shouldder Bag pattern.

  3. Ada Hamilton says:

    The Video is no longer available and I have been unable to find a pattern. Can you help?

  4. The video tutorial seems to be no good. Is there a link to it somewhere else? Is there a written pattern?

  5. hi
    where Can i find this pattern.

    1. Please skip to the sentence ‘go to the pattern’ followed by its name and click on it. (Optionally, it may said „the free crochet pattern is >here<").

  6. Love the blue bag and white bag! But I struggle to find the tutorial for the handles. Please help me

  7. Alleta Edging says:

    Where is the instructions

    1. Hi Alleta, you can find a link to any pattern beneath its photo – under the name of the pattern.

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