Sun Breeze Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Breeze Shoulder Bag Free Crochet Tutorial


Oh my! If you are undecided and never know which bag to choose with your outfit, make it reversible. The Breeze pattern allows you to combine your favorite hues in a very clever way. Each side of the bag is a different color; and the handbags differ from one another. You can easily follow this detailed video tutorial by turning on a text translation of the pattern into English. A video tutorial is at the end of the post.

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Sun Breeze Bag Free Crochet PatternSkills: Easy     Designer Alya Francis

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  1. breeze-shoulder-bag-free-crochet-tutorial – every time I come on here to get a look at a pattern or tutorial this run around drives me nuts I cannot get to the pattern or tutorial for this bag and it happens all the time whats going on? Am so frustrated and fed up………….

    1. Yes it is just their way of getting people to click on their links. After a while you’ll recognize the names of the websites in the link and not even bother to click on them. Good luck

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