Two pictures of a crocheted bag (malia shoulder bag) and a chair.

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Hello there, fashion freaks! Guess what? We are talking about accessories today! Ready for crochet patterns for The Hottest Bags of the Season?

Oh, of course, you are! When the first days of autumn come, we are all in the mood for accessorizing. We are going to start with the classic, obviously. The Malia Shoulder Bag pattern is a beautiful, richly yet gently textured pattern that will surely be a hit in your wardrobe. After you finish making it, take a look at the colorful shoulder bags you can crochet to complete your precious collection. Here you will find some accessories that will go beautifully with your outfits, whether out in the town or on a trip to the countryside. The links to free patterns are under the photo.

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Fashionable Market Bags with Free Crochet Patterns

Tied Together Market Bag

What an original idea for a modern crochet market bag! We love it for its simplicity, retro charm, and – most importantly – ecological quality. Yes, it is surely time to forget about plastic bags! With the help of Mary Beth Cryan, you will certainly do it with a big smile on your face.

Tied Together Market Bag

The original pattern and the photos are available on Crochet with Mary Beth:

Tied Together Market Bag

More info is on Ravelry here.

Farmer’s Market Tote

Do you enjoy shopping at the local market? We bet you do and we know that now you will like it even more. Why? Because you are going to have this crochet market tote by Lovable Loops on your shoulder. Use your favorite colors!

Market Tote

The original pattern and the photos are available on Lovable Loops:

Farmer’s Market Tote

More info is on Ravelry here.

Acorn Market Bag

Do you want to hear some great news? We all obviously do! Well then, can you imagine that this awesome crochet market bag by Raine Eimre is perfect for beginners? How exciting is that? Even newbies can enjoy this fashionable accessory this season. Hurray!

Market Bag

The original pattern and the photos are available on Handmade by Raine:

Acorn Market Bag

More info is on Ravelry here.

Malia Shoulder Bag – Free Crochet Pattern and Video Tutorial

Malia Shoulder Bag

The Malia shoulder bag is a neat project not only for summer. Although it may be a little bit time consuming, it is very worthwhile and the end result is absolutely spectacular. This gorgeous bag uses Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton yarn to be a durable and washable accessory. You can follow the pattern or the detailed video tutorials divided into 3 parts.  The link to the pattern is below. Enjoy!

Malia Shoulder Bag Free Crochet Pattern

The original pattern and the photos are available on Yarn and Chai:

Malia Shoulder Bag

More info is on Ravelry here.

You can watch the video tutorial here:

Malia Clutch

In the same vein but just as pretty! This is a small Malia clutch that can accompany the Malia shoulder bag. It is a project based on the Malia Shoulder Bag pattern. It will surely be an easy project which will require little in the way of effort from you but will yield spectacular results. Both of these are qualities that are highly desirable in a pattern, and the Malia clutch embodies them wonderfully.

malia clutch free crochet pattern

The original pattern is available on Yarn and Chai:

Malia Bag

Info about this version by Merri Purdy and the photos are on Ravelry here.

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  1. Lois Erdmann says:

    Your tip to use a bobby pin as a marker for crochet has been a game changer for me. I don’t know why I have never thought of that before. I will also be using that for my knitting in the round projects where a regular stitch marker would fall out on me. Thank you!!
    I am also delighted to discover using the Lion Brand 24/7 cotton yarn. It is wonderful to work with. I love the sheen as well as the fact that it does not separate. I am loving this yarn. I can see using this often and for far more projects than the dishcloths I associated with cotton yarn.
    I love your clear instructions and explanations. I am working on your beach bag first but I will be making this one also. Thank you for making crochet less daunting for me.

  2. Debbie Keatley says:

    You are an excellent instructor. Nice voice, clear instructions and you make the whole process seem doable. I haven’t started yet but will certainly do so. I will be looking for your other instructional videos for more projects. Thank you.

  3. Nikki Huntington says:

    Love the pattern! Thank you for your pattern and video! Made it for my daughter’s teacher and hope she likes it.

  4. Thank you for this great pattern and video tutorial, I loved making this bag. Having the 3 steps video was so much help as I’m still a beginner. The Bobby pin stitch makers were a huge help

  5. Paula Sibert says:

    Thank you for all these amazing patterns! The bags are great.

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