Best crochet video tutorials for beginners.

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Kate is a designer and content creator, specializing in crafts and textile-related topics. She runs the Crochetpedia website, where she shares her crochet patterns, teaches through video tutorials, and researches crochet techniques. The experience as a pattern designer and education in fashion helped her better understand the world of textiles and handicraft. Kate comes from the family of makers, knitting and sewing from the early age. She lives by the Polish seaside with her partner and a dog.

There are many ways to learn, but nothing comes closer to real-life learning than crochet video tutorials. Are you a visual learner? Try video tutorials.

There are written patterns, charts, and photo tutorials, but only videos will show you exactly how it’s done. Especially those of us, who are not great with numbers and charts should try using them more often. Why? Because your ability to understand and remember what you’re doing comes from looking at the process, not from reading, or hearing it. 

Pros and Cons of video tutorials

As with any other learning type, working alongside video tutorials has its pros and cons, so it’s not for everyone. Let’s look closely at what we can expect.


  • See everything – each move of the crochet hook, no matter how small, is visible in the video. You can clearly see just how the yarn behaves, where to insert the hook, and how to keep the right tension. 
  • You can pause and rewind it at will. You decide when to pause or rewind the video so that you can see the process one more time. You can even slow it down if you need. 
  • Less frogging, because there’s a much smaller chance of error if you’re following a video tutorial. You’ll notice much sooner that your work differs from the one on the screen.


  • Videos are not printable. Of course, it goes without saying, but it may be truly frustrating, especially if the pattern is complex and has many repeats. If there’s no accompanying written pattern, making sure you’re on the right track may be hard.
  • The bigger the screen, the better. Many video tutorials require watching it on a computer or tablet because the phone screen is simply too small. That means less portability unless you’ve got good vision.
  • It’s either too quick, or too slow. Every crocheter works at their own pace, so some tutorials can be either too slow or too fast for your style. 

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The elements of a GOOD video tutorial

I’ve mentioned some downsides of working with video tutorials in general, but the more important thing is actually the quality of the tutorial itself. Let’s see what makes a tutorial GOOD.

  • Good lighting. The most important thing is for the process to be visible, so good lighting is the first step. 
  • Zoom in, zoom out. While it’s generally better to see a close-up of the crocheting process, a good video uses zoom to show relevant parts of the project. 
  • On-screen notes. It helps a lot if the project uses a lot of different stitches or repeating motifs because it’s much easier to keep up with the process.
  • Clear instructions. This is a broad term because it includes both the pace and the style in which the teacher leads you through the pattern.

These tips will make following a video tutorial super easy:

  • Come in ready, with all the tools and materials, because this way you’ll be able to start right away.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to pause or stop the video because it’s so handy! Use this list of shortcuts on
  • Take notes, and make it serious. Keep a notepad by your side and write down anything you find important or relevant. 
  • Make screenshots of the moments you struggle with the most, so that you can use them as a reference in the future.
  • If this one doesn’t work for you, find another video on the same pattern or topic. Every teacher has a different style and not all of them will suit your needs.

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Crochet for Beginner – Tips

Crochet patterns may look scary at first, so it’s good to learn how to read written patterns and how to read diagrams. It’s also good practice to make a gauge swatch before starting. Explore more tricks in our article called 5 Best Crochet Hacks.

Video Tutorials for Absolute Beginners

1. Simplydaisy: Crochet for Absolute Beginners

If you are looking for easy video tutorials to learn crochet step by step, this can be your starting point. This video shows how to wrap the yarn around your fingers or hold a crochet hook. You will learn about chain stitches, slip knot, and turning chain, so you can start crocheting right away.

2. Bella Coco: Crocheting for Absolute Beginners

Instructional videos for crochet often come in US Terms, but Bella Coco is arguably the most famous designer that uses UK Terms. Remember that these two systems differ – for example, double crochet stitch in UK terms means single crochet stitch in US terms.

3. TL Yarn Crafts: 25+ Hacks for Beginners

Once you’ve got basic crochet stitches under your belt, learn tricks that will make all the difference. TL Yarn Crafts’ experience and great teaching skills resulted in this great video full of useful tips.

4. Crochetpedia: The Easiest Magic Ring Method

Creating amigurumi toys is not hard, but you simply have to know basic techniques. A magic ring (or adjustable loop) is a must-know because it’s in almost every amigurumi pattern. Crochetpedia’s method is so easy, you won’t ever need another tutorial to learn it – promise!

5. Blossom Crochet: Perfect Seamless Granny Square

Would you even call yourself a crocheter if you didn’t know how to make granny squares? Blossom Crochet’s tutorial shows exactly how it’s done along with some useful tips to make it super neat.

Quick and Easy Crochet Projects – Video Tutorials

6. Crochetpedia: 15-Minute Crochet Heart

This easy crochet heart will be perfect for those of you who want to make a quick project alongside the video from start to finish. Grab leftover cotton or acrylic yarn and a crochet hook, and try it today.

7. Bella Coco:  Fast and Easy Blanket

Bulky yarn is the best choice if you want to make a speedy crochet blanket because the bigger the hook size, the quicker the work! Bella Coco’s project uses simple stitches, but you can spruce it up with some colors.


8. Melanie Ham: Daisy Granny Square

If regular grannies are too boring for you, try daisy granny squares! Melanie’s tutorial will show you step-by-step how to make these lovely floral blocks. You can then use them to make a blanket, a pillowcase, or anything else you want.

9. Craft & Crochet: Easy Crochet Hat

Wearables don’t have to be hard to make, and this hat by Craft & Crochet is a great example. You can make it in any size you want because the pattern is easily customizable. Pom-pom is not obligatory, but definitely a classic.

10. Grace Forthefrills: Easy Crochet Crop Top

Would you believe it if I told you that your first crochet project could be a crop top? It definitely can be, because Grace’s design is the simplest it could be. You don’t need much yarn or skills to follow this easy pattern.

Amigurumi Video Tutorials

11. All From Jade: Crochet Baby Jellyfish

This tiny jellyfish may be exactly the project you’ve been waiting for. It works up extremely fast and is so adorable – and that’s what makes it the perfect first amigurumi project. All you need is a little bit of yarn, a crochet hook, and some black safety eyes, but you can change them up for embroidery if you prefer.

12. Club Crochet: Triceratops Dinosaur

Tiny dinosaur in your pocket will definitely help you feel better on a rainy day. What’s more, you can spread this feeling of fun and hope to others, simply by slipping one of these pals into someone’s coat or jacket. 

13. Crafter Frog: A Cute Cat

Thick velvety yarn is a pleasure to work with, especially if you end up with such cute amigurumi cat. You will make it in no time, so gather various colors and make a bunch to squeeze and stroke.

14. Hooked by Robin: Whale Amigurumi

Bigger amigurumi toys don’t have to be harder to make – just take a look at Robin’s whale. Its simple shape is very easy to replicate, even for beginners, so grab your hook and try this video tutorial today.

15. Toristory Creations: Fluffy Bee Amigurumi

Feel the spring all year round with this squishy bee, or make the whole pack in different colors for your own beehive. Velvet yarn is squishy and fun to work with, so it’s an additional plus.

16. Crochetpedia: Crochet Iris Stitch

There are many fantastic stitches for beginners, but somehow all we see is granny and moss. This time spend a moment learning Iris Stitch with Crochetpedia and explore Kate’s colorways to get even more inspired.

17. Hooked by Robin: Crochet Moss Stitch

Moss stitch is one of the most versatile stitches, as well as one of the easiest. It uses single crochet and chain stitches only, and it’s a one-row repeat – a perfect choice for beginners! Robin’s video tutorial will teach you how to do it step by step.

18. The Krys Cam: 10 Easy Crochet Stitches

If you can’t wait to learn all the stitches, look for the videos that show many of them. The Krys Cam’s tutorial showcases not three, not five, but ten easy stitches! 

19. Sigoni Macaroni: 5 Beginner-Friendly Blanket Stitches

Sigoni’s tutorials cover the best stitches for blankets, which include granny stitch, bead stitch, and moss stitch. Explore them all and choose the one you like most.

20. TL Yarn Crafts: 5 Stitches For Beginners

As you can see, a simple ripple stitch or shell stitch can be suitable for beginners, too. In TL Yarn Crafts’ video, you’ll learn five stunning techniques to use in a vast array of projects.

Explore Easy Crochet Patterns

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