Best Yarn for Amigurumi

Best Yarn for Amigurumi
A woman is knitting a bunny toy using the best yarn for amigurumi.

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If you have ever tried making crochet toys, you know how important it is to choose the best yarn for amigurumi project. Creating soft toys can be challenging and complicated, but it’s definitely rewarding. If you are here to try your skills in amigurumi however, let me tell you that there’s nothing better than hugging a handmade animal softie!

Crochet toys may be big or small, detailed or simple, colorful or monochrome, but all they have in common is what they are made of. In this article you will learn how to choose the best yarn for amigurumi, what to pay attention to, and how to assess what you need. In the last part of this article I’ll rank seven of the best amigurumi yarns I’ve selected, so let’s get comfy and read on!

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How to Choose the Best Yarn for Amigurumi?

Your choice of yarn will be tightly woven with your choice of crochet pattern, so that’s your first step. If you’re following someone else’s pattern, take a look at what the designer recommends. Some toys will require special yarns, such as bulky velvet one, or furry mohair. You could, of course, substitute them for something else, but you would quickly see that the effect is quite different than the original.

If you’re going to design your own crochet toy, think about the level of details you’d like it to have, stitch definition, or its size. The heavier and bulkier the yarn, the bigger your toy will be, so keep it in mind.

There are many stunning examples of the same crochet pattern made with two very different yarns, where the difference in size is dramatic. The more experienced you are as a crocheter, the more confidence you will have in such experiments, so just have fun!

What is the most eco-friendly yarn?

This one is tricky, because the most environmentally friendly yarn is… the one you already have! Don’t hesitate to use up any leftover yarn ends from your stash – most amigurumi projects use up very little yarn. Mixing and matching various leftovers might be fun, too, because you may end up with unexpected combinations!

For those of you, who are just starting out, let’s explore some qualities of amigurumi yarns.

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What Qualities am I Looking for in Amigurumi Yarn?

Good Stitch Definition

When I think about amigurumi, I see uniform stitches and dense fabric, which is beautifully sculpted into the shape of an animal or a character. To achieve this clean look, it’s crucial to choose the yarns that are soft and sleek. Yarns like cotton will be great, because they do not pill and create very uniform stitch definition.

Machine Washable

Crochet toys may be purely decorative, or highly used by kids. This makes a big difference in their longevity, but also gives a good opportunity to think twice about the materials we’re going to use. Machine-washable toy will be a blessing in the world of messy kids, so keep it in mind when crocheting a gift for little loved ones. In this case the best choice will be acrylic yarn, because it’s very durable.

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Fun Textures

The world of amigurumi is vast and full of amazing creatures – some of them furry or plush! If you want to make a toy that is very cuddly, look for novelty yarns. Fur yarns are quite tricky to work with, because it’s hard to see the stitches, but practice makes perfect! Velvet yarn is great for baby blankets and big, squishy toys, so explore all the possibilities.

Big Color Palette

Detailed amigurumi toys may require strategic color planning, so it’s convenient to use the yarn that offers a lot of color choices. Lots of little elements, such as arms, ears, tails, or garments – look much better when the shades go together well. Many yarn manufacturers offer big color palettes for one kind of yarn, so keep it in mind when choosing materials for your next project.

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What is the Best Fiber Choice For Amigurumi?

As you may already know, fiber content highly impacts the look and qualities of the yarn, so it’s important to know what you’re choosing. Some types of fiber will work better than others for specific projects, so let’s see which ones are the best.

Cotton Yarn

To achieve this classic “amigurumi look”, choose cotton yarn, because it offers great stitch definition and sleek finish. There are many brands that offer big selection of colors, some even over 100 shades, and it’s machine washable. On the downside, cotton yarn tends to wash out and is not as durable as acrylic.

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Acrylic Yarn

This type of yarn will ensure your toys’ longevity, because it’s durable and machine washable. Acrylics are often very soft and pleasant to touch, so it’s a good choice for babies. Unfortunately, this yarn is not good for the environment, as it’s basically made of plastic.

Wool Yarn

Good old wools also will be great in amigurumi, but you must be strategic about them. Classic wooly texture will make your toy look amazing, but it may not be fit for frequent washing. Wools may also shed little furry pieces, which makes it not recommended for little babies that lick and bite everything they touch.

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Novelty Yarns

Furry, sparkly, or velvety yarns will work great in amigurumi, so don’t forget about them! These yarns are definitely on the thick side, but that makes them even more fun to work with. The bigger the yarn, the quicker the work, remember?

7 Best Yarns for Amigurumi

Let’s look at seven popular amigurumi yarns and compare their qualities.

1. Lily Sugar’n Cream

lily sugarncream

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This is one of the most popular yarns ever, so it’s no surprise that the group of its fans include amigurumi enthusiasts. Worsted weight 100% cotton yarn requires 5 mm crochet hook and is suitable for medium toys.


  • Great price
  • Good color selection
  • Doesn’t pill


  • Hard on the hands
  • Colors fade
  • May bleed during washing

2. Katia Amigurumi 100% Cotton


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This 100% cotton yarn was designed especially for amigurmi artists, so it must be great, right? Sport weight yarns are on the fine side of the spectrum, and this yarn requires 2.5 mm crochet hook. It will be perfect for detailed amigurumi toys.


  • Big color selection
  • Versatile yarn weight
  • Good quality cotton


  • May be a little hard on the hands
  • May split a little

3. Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK


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100% plied cotton yarn in DK weight will come in handy with many amigurumi projects. Paintbox Yarns recommend using 4 mm hook with it, but you may want to try crocheting with smaller hooks, too.


  • Pleasant to work with
  • Great range of colors
  • Great quality for this price range
  • No splitting or fraying


  • On the thin side – some users say it’s more Fingering weight than DK.
  • May stiffen after washing

4. Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4


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This is yet another 100% cotton yarn in our selection, but this time in Fingering weight. It’s even lighter than the previous one, so it truly allows for very intricate projects. The manufacturer recommends 2.5 mm – 4 mm crochet hook range.


  • Soft
  • Doesn’t split, doesn’t have many knots
  • Big range of colors


  • May be too thin for many projects

5. Kartopu Amigurumi


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Cotton blends work great for amigurumi, and this one by Kartopu is no exception. Combination of acrylic and cotton in DK weight yarn requires 2.5 mm – 3.5 mm hook size range.


  • Perfectly in the middle between softness and sturdiness
  • Suitable for baby garments
  • Cute pastel colors


  • Too small color range
  • May be hard to purchase in USA

6. Premier Yarns Everyday Worsted


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Anti-pilling 100% acrylic yarn from Premier Yarns combines affordability and quality. Aran weight is on the thick side, so it’s recommended to use 5.5 mm – 6.5 mm crochet hook.


  • Less fuzz on the surface
  • Machine washable
  • Big range of unique dyes, such as marls, heathers and multi-colored skeins.


  • Knotty
  • Not enough solid colors available

7. Red Heart Super Saver


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This yarn is one of the most popular ever! Manufactured in the United States, Red Heart acrylic yarn in Aran weight will be perfect for many projects. Use 5.5 mm crochet hook with this yarn.


  • Great color range
  • Inexpensive
  • Washable


  • Quality and yardage has gone down over the years
  • Feels plastic-y and scratchy

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Final Thoughts

Taking all things into consideration, my choice would fall on three of these yarns: Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4, Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK or Katia Amigurumi 100% Cotton. All of these are cotton yarns, which will suit your various amigurumi needs. If you are a beginner and would like to start your journey with crochet toys, invest in Hobbii or Paintbox Yarns we’ve recommended, because they have fantastic color selection, great quality to price ratio and are pleasant to work with.

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