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Sue’s No Holes Hexagon Baby Sweater Free Pattern

Even though this sweater looks like it’s made out of squares, the actual sections are composed of hexagonal panels. The resulting diagonal stitch lines are a subtle and delicate decoration on this solidly crocheted sweater. Keep the Li’l ‘un warm and stylish this winter with the hexagon baby sweater. A link to the free pattern is below photos. A link to the free pattern is below photos.

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Skills: Easy   Designer: Susan A. Coes

Sue's No Holes Hexagon Baby Sweater Free Pattern

Go to the pattern:

 Sue’s No Holes Hexagon Baby Sweater


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Lemon Drop Baby Set Free Crochet Pattern

This lovely set is delicate and lovely. Includes a jacket, booties and a bonnet. It strikes a perfect balance between being light and airy, and warm, looking excellent all the while.
Skills: Easy       Designer:  Sheila Leslie

Lemon Drop Baby Set [Free Pattern]

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Go to the pattern:

 Lemon Drops Baby Set

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