A black and red striped blanket on a wooden floor.

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This is a CAL blanket was created by the talented designer Pippin Poppycock. Representing Arizona, it uses colors typical of traditional Native American blankets.

The pattern is composed of seven colors, five gradients and one each of a shadow and contrast color. The patter is greatly enhanced by the gradient colors that blend into one another in a very specific way, and this is further framed by the shadow and contrast colors that help define the pattern.

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Part One: The center panel is made up of 8 filled granny squares and combined in a diamond fashion. The authors wanted this to be symbolic of the Native American symbol for the medicine man.

Arizona Cal Blanket Free Pattern
Photos: Pippin Poppycock
Arizona Cal Blanket Free Pattern
photos: xx_clarabellecreations_xx
Arizona Cal Blanket
photos: mfoist0824
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  1. Lorraine Girgenti says:

    I love your design. Also your edges will help me with another diamond square pattern that I want to have even sides.

  2. This is so beautiful! I’ve being looking for a pattern just like this! Thank you for the pattern and inspiration! Love!!

  3. Hi, thank you for sharing your blanket, I think it’s amazing, I’m up to week 5 and I’ve just come across the blue version and I was wondering what colours of style craft dk yarn you used. I would also love to make a purple version but I’m not sure on the colours thank you so much for your help in advance x

  4. Beautiful pattern and love the colours shown in the first picture, Gorgeous colours combo. Sure give this one a try thanks for sharing.

  5. Good morning
    Have almost finished my 1st crochet along. Have found your color palates and cannot wait to start my second. Thank you so much for sharing

  6. Els-Marie says:

    How can i found this pattern??
    I dont have Facebook .
    Arizona cal blanket

  7. Melodee Smith says:

    What size is the afghan?

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