Four pictures of amigurumi clown dolls.

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Let’s make clowns fun.

While clowns aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, we’ve all had fun watching them at the circus or at the fair. Therefore, let’s re-kindle some of that childhood fun. To this point, here are some amigurumi clown figurines that will enable you to put some sparkle in a kid’s eyes. Of course, you can make these for yourself to brighten up a room or cheer up someone who’s down in the dumps.

Fooly The Clown Free Crochet Pattern

To start with, here is a great example of how fancy an amigurumi figure can be. To summarize,  Fooly is a tall ami toy, with numerous color swaths and s techniques. Overall this is a great, somewhat more ambitious crochet project that will function great as a decoration or a token of love for the person you bestow it on. Either way, it’s difficult to have a more complex and more eye-pleasing amigurumi for your enjoyment.

SkillsIntermediate     DesignerPassionate Crafter

Fooly the Clown

For the full article about this pattern visit:

Fooly The Clown Free Crochet Pattern

Pennywise the dancing clown

Of course, a clown can be scary and great for an older kid who’s into horror. Consequently, what better choice for an amigurumi clown than Pennywise?

Skills: easy      Designer: Kerstin Batz

Pennywise the dancing clown

The full article about this pattern you will find here:

Pennywise the dancing clown
More info about  lyndsay5’s project you can find on Ravelry.

Amigrumi Clown

Lastly, here is a clown from a town fair. Indeed, you can just picture him making balloon animals for the kiddies as they eat their cotton candy.

Skills: easy      Designer:  Jackie Laing

ami clown

Fro the full article about this pattern go :

Amigurumi Clown

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