A collage of crocheted granny squares with flowers on them.

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Are you looking for free crochet patterns for granny squares? In this post, I’ve compiled unique patterns to ignite your creativity. Each of these granny square patterns is stunning and challenging, so I hope there’s something motivational here for you, no matter whether you’re a crocheted newbie or an advanced crocheter.  

Are you are interested in beginner and free granny square patterns? Do you what to learn how to crochet a granny square or looking for a step-by-step tutorial on a solid granny?   please read my previous post: 30 Free Crochet Patterns for Granny Squares addressed particularly to beginner crocheters.

What is the point of granny squares? Why are they so popular?

We all have some nostalgia for traditional granny squares and some fond memories from childhood. But there are so many other reasons to love them. Like these:

  • Only basic crochet techniques are required. Master the chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet and sl st, and you are OTW.
  • They are one of the most beginner friendly patterns… for kids too! 
  • Great for teaching a new crop of crocheters. 
  • You don’t need whole skeins of yarn. Just take short lengths, like leftover bits from larger projects. Combine them to make a colorful granny square panoply!
  • You don’t need a lot of equipment.
  • Also, they’re modular. You can make individual granny squares until you have a stack to connect. Or, you can make a blanket of a certain size, like a baby blanket, and then it can grow by adding more squares in the future.
  • Single granny squares, or another small numbers of them, can be coasters or parts of larger projects.
  • Crocheting of any kind can be a stress reliever. It’s meditational, with the added bonus that you actually make something. 
  • Feel like trying something new, but don’t want to take on a whole, huge project? Make test pieces as granny squares.
  • Build confidence and stamina without risking a larger project.
  • Create whole bunches of varied ones as gifts!

Do you know where the granny square originated? I don’t either, and no one does! The stories about its origin are vague at best. Lost in the mists of time, you could say.

Supposedly, they’re called Granny squares because way back when, grannies would save scraps of yarn from old projects or frogged fabric to make scrap squares. These were patchworked together into colorful blankets. Since grannies supposedly couldn’t do any heavy labour, they were usually the ones to sew these blankets together. Hence, Granny squares!

What is called a Granny Square?

The basic granny square patterns consists of groups of 3dc made in a square block. Nowadays, you’ve got granny square variations like solid granny squares, sunburst granny squares, and so on. There’s not one clear-cut definition that is universally recognized, as far as I know, and so, it’s all grannies!

For me, a Granny square IS square, and can be used in multiples (like for blankets or pillow) and has a little element of dc’s or clusters. But that’s just my definition, and you can have your own! It doesn’t matter anyway – they’re beautiful to look at and fun to make and that’s what counts.

What can I use a Granny Square for?

You can join squares together to make a granny square blanket, cardigan, bag, bunting, fingerless. Honestly, the list is endless. Not only can you make a bunch of them and join them to make an afghan or a bedspread, you can also use them separately as decorations or as the center of a baby blanket.

Many crocheters use blocks to make accessories, too! Bags, backpacks and totes are stylish and work up quicker with a granny centerpiece or backbone.

What yarn should I use for a Granny Square?

Almost any type of yarn is suitable for use in a granny square design. If you’re a beginner, I’d stick to cotton yarns like Catona, Lily or acrylics such as Bernat, Stylecraft, Red Heart. They’re available in a range of colours and have clear stitch definition, making it easy to crochet with. Try to pick a medium weight yarn (#4 Medium) or thiner. It will be easier to see the stitches in your granny square project.

If you already made a few easy granny square patterns and you are looking for more: Stop! Here are some divided into 11 intermediate and advanced patterns to love crochet even more! Be proud of your accomplishments.

Amazing Granny Square Free Crochet Patterns

Here are Granny Squares that rock and will make you excited about crocheting a granny square again. I have for you 10 free crochet patterns for granny squares and a bonus one which is not free but definitely worth the money. 

Janey Square Pattern

The Janey Square Pattern is unique in that it’s a granny square with a 3D rosette. This is a beautiful project that can be stylised in so many ways.

Janey square crochet pattern.

Go to the free pattern on Ravelry.

Pimlico Granny

Pimlico Afghan Square is great for many crochet projects like blankets, bags and event tops. You can make this square with any yarn.

A crochet pattern with a flower design.

Go to the free pattern on Ravelry.

Sophie’s Garden Square

Dare I say it? Sophie’s garden is now a classic granny square pattern that is a beautiful floral mandala within a square.

A crochet pattern of a garden square.

Find original free pattern on LookAtWhatIMade blog

Crocodile Stitch Afghan Block – Dahlia

Here is another beautiful square with a 3D floral center. The multiple layers give it so much depth.

Crocodile stitch square free crochet pattern.

Go to the free pattern on Ravelry.

Denna Square 

For some reason, as I look at the Denna square, I can’t help but to think of traditional windmills. I love it.

A crochet square with a pattern.

Go to the free pattern on Ravelry.

More V’s Please Afghan Square

Here is a square that’s simply perfect for building larger projects. Also, it’s a wonderful, fabulous piece of art that will function great by itself.

More vs please square free crochet pattern.

Go to the free pattern on Ravelry.

Picture Perfect Peony Square & Hexagon

This peony square is a great example of combining a “3D” textured middle and voids to define a flower and the space around it.

A crochet square with a flower pattern.

Find original free pattern on Craftycc blog.

Simple 10-Petal Granny Square

Deceptively simple, this 10-petal granny square is a great addition to spice up a larger but blander project. The colors change it’s character so much.

Simple 10 petal granny square crochet pattern.

Go to the free pattern on Ravelry.

Blizzard Warning! Square

It’s snowing here in the Rockies, and this blanket is such a wonderful reflection of this. Mapping a hexagon onto a square is difficult, but this pattern pulls it off fabulously.

A crocheted afghan with the words blizzard warming square.

Find original free pattern on Every Trick on the Hook blog.

Charlotte Square

Charlotte may be famous for her web, but here we show that her square is equally beautiful. I love the mitered corners!

a square pillow made from yarn.

Find original free pattern on Look At What I Made blog.

Amazing Granny Square Crochet Pattern – Bonus

Enchanted Garden Tote

Now, here is the most difficult challenge, to show the many ways the granny square can be used. Here, it’s built up into an easy classic: a simple granny square pattern on the side made from double crochet stitches.

A crochet bag on a chair.

Go to the free pattern page on Ravelry.

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    I would call this art.
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