A crocheted afghan with purple and white flowers.

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Daisy and granny squares are very popular motifs among crocheters all over the world. Combining these motifs in one blanket is a recipe for something extraordinary and certain success. And it is: the Mitered Daisy Granny Squares Blankets. Eye-catching and colorful, this design is popular both as a baby blanket and a bedspread. Here are three the most beautiful realizations of these blankets. The first one comes from Russia. White, green and pink colors will be perfect as a spring blanket or baby girl blanket. Included together with link to that blanket, we have a diagram of this square at the end of the article. Links to the free pattern and video tutorial are also at the end of the article.

Mitered Daisy Granny Squares Blanket [Free Pattern]

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Here is another instance of the mitered square. These lovely, purple angles really highlight the flowers and give the blanket’s surface that 3D apppearance that the mitered squares are so good for. The lovely edging is a crowning touch, and a delightful decoration.

made  by  Serap Arıkan

Mitered Granny Daisy

And here is another realization, this time in cool hues. White, green and blue will match most baby boys’ outfits, but will also be good for adults. The blanket below is called Mitered Summer Daisy Baby Afghan created by Jewell’s Handmades and you can find it on Ravelry. The upper photo is one of the most beautiful project realizations made by MandyMaisey.

mitered daisy granny square baby summer afghan blanket free crochet pattern and tutorial

Haven’t found anything for yourself jet? See our third suggestion for a combination of colors. Creative Grandma and her blanket Daisy in The Corner Square is made from wonderful, colourful daisies in the corner of a green and pink square. I hope you will find something for yourself as a next project!

mitered daisy granny square baby summer afghan blanket free crochet pattern and tutorial

Mitered Daisy Granny Squares Blanket – Free diagram for this square is here. Daisy in The Corner Square – video tutorial is below, you can also displayed the pattern on the screen after turning on subtitles.

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  1. Beautiful pattern. How do I find the pattern. Watched the tutorial but can’t find out how to down load patern

  2. bonnie reierson says:

    this is so pretty

  3. How can i get the pattern?

    1. Link to the patterns is always down of the site. Thank you 🙂

  4. I would like to have ago at this blanket but just cannot get the pattern.

    1. Link to the patterns is always down of the site. Thank you 🙂

      1. I cannot get the pattern either. Please give further instructions.

        1. click – Reveal content Click here to read article to the end
          pattern is down of website

    2. Janet Rush says:

      Daisy Granny square blanket

    3. Konrel Nordquist says:

      what does down of the site mean? Can’t seem to find the free pattern download Please can you help me with a link? beautiful Afghan thank you.

      1. A link to each pattern is underneath its picture. It is usually the name of the pattern in blue color.

        1. Konrel Nordquist says:

          Thank you for the diagram pattern I clicked the blue word here and there it was. Thank you for the tutorial also. so kind of you to share.

  5. Lisa Anatala says:

    With all due respect I’ve tried different patterns , links even downloads and can never get the pattern, you should just take the website down because it’s so frustrating t get excited about seeing something beautiful that you want to make and not be able to.

    1. Dear Lisa, link to that pattern is at the end of the post, but have you seen sentence ‘Click here to read article to the end’?

  6. As stated by many others before your “link to the pattern” does not work it just takes you back here. You have the wrong hyperlink it would be helpful if you checked and corrected this.

  7. Is there a way to get a printed pattern of #134

  8. Russell Sistrunk says:

    What does “down of the website” mean? There is no obvious manner to get patterns. This is like putting a steak in front of a hungry man, but covering it in bullet proof glass so he can see it as he dies of starvation.

    1. A link to the pattern is at the end of the post.

      1. And that link takes you back to this article!!!! We are starving!!!

        1. Hi Denise, at the end of the post is a link to a diagram and a video tutorial.

  9. With all due respect I am so frustrated like everyone has said there is no way of getting the pattern. If this is a ploy for everyone to click on links which take you to totally unrelated products then you have succeeded. If you don’t intend to allow people to download a “FREE PATTERN” then don’t post it as such. 😡

  10. Konrel Nordquist says:

    do you have a video how to join these squares? You did a wonderful job teaching how to make the mitered daisy in the corner squares. thank you again.

  11. Konrel Nordquist says:

    how to crochet the mitered squares together once finished please

  12. Found the pattern for this Afghan. It’s not freed ($4.00) but after the frustration of trying to find the written pattern, it was worth it!
    Mitered Summer Daisy Baby Afghan by the Jewell’s Handmades (Ravelry)

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