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5 Best Easter Egg Free Crochet Patterns

Crocheted Easter Eggs

It’s ova time!

While decorated Eggs are a beautiful tradition, and the possibilities of decorating them are truly without limit, the fact is, they don’t even have to be real eggs. Indeed, they’ve been made out of wood, plastic, metal, marble and other materials. Regardless, there is something so traditional and so fun about  crocheted ones, that it will definitely tickle your fancy. Therefore we present the 5 best Easter egg ideas. Overall, these are some of the easiest projects because of their simple, basic shape. Indeed, they are only as difficult and complex, as the decorations you choose to put on them. However, even undecorated, these little containers of are simply the most wonderful thing.

Small Eggs

First, we start the list with these small ones, 1.6 inches long. As you can see, they are great in dozens, done in real egg colors.

Skills: Easy  Designer:  Elena Dorogina

The full article about this pattern is here:

Small Eggs


Mini Easter Egg 

However, the should include lots of color. Consequently, here are some simple ones in vibrant, monochrome shells.

Skills: Easy.  Designer:    Charlotte Perution

The full article about this pattern is here:

Mini Easter Eggs


Ami Easter Egg 

Here are some of the patterns, with lovely, subtle flowers. To summarize, they are absolutely gorgeous, with the subtlety of the flower delineating it from the egg just so. In particular, I like these for their simplicity and subtle nature, and their use of the less is more principle. Indeed, not all eggs have to be OTT, though those can be quite beautiful as well.

Skills: Easy Designer:    Zeens & Roger

The full article about this pattern is here:

Ami Easter Eggs


Floral Easter Eggs

Next ere is beautiful idea for your Easter table. These floral eggs are an easy and quick project for an effective and attractive Easter-themed insert for a tabletop or sideboard Easter montage, wreath or other accessory. 

Skills: Easy    DesignerEmma Escott

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Pearl Zeamer 12 April 2022 at 4:37 pm

I love the different sizes and colors of eggs very awesome job and I will give them a try to make them.


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