Big Hello Kitty Amigurumi Free Pattern


Are you a Hello Kitty fan? I someone else you know? Here is the perfect addition to your Hello Kitty decor or their collection. This easy and attractive project will be a great one for a beginner: large and visually appealing, and yet not too difficult. Share your work in our Facebook Group The link to the pattern is below

Skills: Easy  Yarn: Vlnap a.s. Lada Luxus  Designer : Ella.D Design

photos: SaraSantosPhotography/GabiCrocheting

Big Hello Kitty Amigurumi –  visit the free pattern site at RavelrySee also more yarn details here.


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  1. Thanks for sharing all the Amigurumi patterns lately, folks. Most useful for me after a minor accident left me unable to tackle the afghans, blankets, and women’s and children’s patterns. Just temporary, thank goodness, but at least I can carry on crocheting in the meantime by creating all those forest and jungle creatures. Hello Kitty was a favourite when my daughter was little and I was just starting out with the hook.

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