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Women’s Sweater from Squares Free Crochet Patterns

Sometimes it’s good to have a project you can work up in bits.

Of course, while spectacular, huge projects are fun, sometimes it’s just not feasible to drag all the needed yarns, hooks and sundry other items with you. However, this conundrum is solved by making projects based on squares, which you can wok up in pieces, square by square only to put it together at the very end. Thus, such a project is portable and can also be a bit of a stash buster, because none of the squares require huge amounts of a particular yarn. That said, these are spectacular projects in their own right and a women’s sweater from squares is surely to be hit with any weather.

Mondrian sweater

To begin with, here is a women’s sweater from squares that’s actually of squares and rectangles. Overall, it’s patchwork quality is enhanced by the contrasting “seams”, which give it an almost pavestone-like appearance. Moreover, you can work this up in any size you wish.
Mondrian sweater

The full pattern is available on Ravelry.


Noona Sweater

So, here is another women’s sweater from squares that is a true classic. Based on 4 timeless granny squares that you then join together and with sleeves and hems. To summarize, it’s classic, hippy-trippy and super comfortable.

The full pattern is available on


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