Two fish amigurumi hanging from a string.

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Fishy, fishy, fishy, fish! Where did my fishy go?

So, here are the best fish amigirumi patterns to prove that not only in these pandemic times, everyone would like to have some pets in the house. Moreover, not only birds and land animals make great ami themes. If you want to explore them, these amigurumi fish are just the thing for you. These cuties are ideal companions for the family, especially the kids. Moreover, as they require little yarn (90 yds), they’ll be great for using up shorter lengths of yarn left over from other projects. Also, they’ll be fun for bonding time with your kids and will let them choose colors and textures. A link to the free patterns is included under the photos.

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Fancy Goldfish Free Crochet Pattern

First, this very fancy, gradient goldfish is absolutely ideal as a cheer-’em-up stuffie or a small token of endearment. Not only do I love the use of gradient yarns, but I also think the twin tail is stunning.Fancy goldfish free crochet patternThe full article about this pattern is here:

Fancy Goldfish

more info about project photographed here.


All in One Fish

Although you may think that these best fish amigurumi would be difficult, they aren’t. Therefore, here is one that you work up in one puece, no joining, and is super quick.All in One FishThe original pattern and the photos are available at Ravelry:

All in One Fish


Poisson Fish

So, no fish amigurumi collection would be complete without a gorgeous, veil-tailed goldfish. Consequently here is a real beauty. O ho, ho! How I love ze poisson!Poison FishThe original pattern and the photos are available  at Ravelry :

Poison Fish

more info about project photographed here.


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  1. How do you keep the “nose” of the fish in its slightly pointed way? Mine all turn round when I stuff them.

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