A black and white crocheted blanket on top of a couch.

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This beautiful square is a wonderful piece with many possibilities. Sandra Kuijer originally released the  Elements Cal starting in December 2017. Ever since, this has been a fan favorite all over. It’s highly versatile and can be made into just about anything you imagine that can make use of squares as building blocks.  The link to the free pattern is at the end of the article.

The 10 Part Video Tutorial with detailed instructions is also available. A link to video tutorials is at the end of the article. Make sure to explore the best yarn for blankets if you’re looking for a substitute for the originally recommended yarn.
The square itself can be crocheted with a straight border and sharp corners. This enables it to be easily worked into larger projects where it’s crucial to align squares. This particular example also has a particularly attractive color combination. I can just picture a a blanket or throw like this!

Elements cal square free crochet pattern

Following on this is a square with soft, rounded corners. While there are of course larger projects that can incorporate such a shape, this is particularly usable as a trivet, coaster or even a doily. See? Versatile!

Elements coasters free crochet pattern and video tutorial element cal square
Photo: makicrochet (upper) / evacharlie_kreakaos (lower)


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The next embodiment is a great example of what and how much can be done just by varying the color, and working up the square in louder hues. Contrast this with the first square. Square? Did I say square? Why not necessarily, why a multi-lobed floral or mandala shape can take the Elements Cal pattern to the next level of complexity and beauty. Give it a whirl, you won’t be disappointed.

elements cal free crochet pattern
Photos: crafty_cc

Any color combo is possible. The next example is evocative of colors you may see on a moon-lit night. Very nice, and again, totally distinct.

 Elements cal by sandra justdoitplz Free Crochet Pattern
photos above © LoriBaran

Trivets, potholders, it matters not. The Elements Cal has you covered. In this case, it’s a pot holder with a hanging loop. I like the idea that the square hangs rotated 45 degrees to square, and thus presents the EC square in a different orientation.

Elements hotpads free crochet pattern and video tutorial element cal square
Photos: r11kk4t

And blankets… of course blankets are the key. Here is an absolutely amazing blanket done in a similar color palette to the first example, where the central square is large, and forms a centerpiece that then is bordered by different crocheting techniques. Well done, this is an ambitious and super attractive project.


elements cal


Here are links to parts of the Elements CAL: a center square part 1larger square – part 2Part 3 started of making a circle from our square, which kept on growing in part 4 and further in part 5. Next parts: part 6, part 7part 8part 9, and part 10,  part 11 and finished with a border in part 12.

Elements Cal Square – Free Crochet Pattern is here. You can also see it on Ravelry.

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    1. Thank you! It was our pleasure. Sandra Kuijer’s Elements Cal Square is one of the most beautiful patterns we have ever seen.

      1. I love this pattern. I can see peace in your pattern. It is Beautiful. The colors are calmly flowing.

    2. aaltje gawlik says:


      1. Link to the patterns is always down of the site. Thank you 🙂

          1. Link to the pattern is always at the end of the post. Thank you 🙂

        1. I have tried to get the pattern thru the link and Ravelry. I get the same thing. Pictures of squares with prices under them. No free pattern. Can’t download it. It is fustrating with sites like these.

          1. A link is correct, please scroll the page you have seen – a pattern is divided on a few parts, link to each part is under the photo (down the page with the squares with prices).

          2. This is so unfair.I would be ashamed to not give the pattern.

        2. I found where to download this pattern but I can’t find weeks 1 and 2 . Mine starts with week 3 and round 24. I absolute love this pattern in the blues and so want to know how to start.

        3. Where can you get the pattern for the large square in the center of the blanket? Please reply, [email protected]

      2. On first site bottom it says ” click here to read article to the end” click it.
        Next site on the bottom ar the week 1, week2 files you can download.

      3. sheryl lord says:

        wouldnt matter. the link works,and i managed to translate it(lower left corner) only to find it is only available on ravelry, as a paid pattern.

    3. It would be very nice if this pattern or patterns were written in English and easy to find at the end of the pictures. Instead of it saying that at end of article the FREE PATTERN is a click away but that only takes you somewhere else that has nothing to do with the original pattern. Why make it so hard to get?? It’s beautiful handiwork and I would love to make a bedspread but no pattern is available. Why even bother to print the designs if not available??

      1. Link to the pattern is always at the end of the post. Thank you for your comment 🙂

      2. The patterns and supply list all have an English and a Dutch version to download. I had no problem at all downloading. The FB page is also very helpful with beautiful photos of others’ creations.

      3. i cant find the link either. there are several links, they all go to other stuff. it is a beautiful work, would love to attempt.

        1. Link to the pattern is at the end of the post, but please first find the sentence “Click here to read article to the end’.

  1. Tami skinner says:

    Looking for the pattern for the element cus square but was not able to find it. Could you help!

    1. Link to the patterns is always down of the site. Thank you 🙂

  2. Jennifer Selby says:

    What color combinations did you use for your squares? I absolutely love it

  3. Is there a written pattern! I cannot read a graph

    1. join our FB group, to get an advice

    2. Yen shifflett says:

      At the end you can find the written pattern plus the pictures also.That is how I make my blanket.I will make 20 of them,

  4. Cynthia Feoli says:

    This square is beartiful

  5. D Kirkley says:

    I cannot get the pattern. Copying the link doesn’t work. I would really like to have a printed copy of the instructions. Can someone help me please ?

    1. Link to the patterns is always down of the site. Thank you 🙂

      1. What do you mean “down of the site”?

        1. Link to the pattern is always at the end of the post.

          1. Link will not open can you help

          2. Can you please specify which one?

  6. Mariska Miles says:

    This is absolutely stunning ????

  7. Staci Rossbach says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pattern. I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love with the gorgeous lay out, very eye popping. Can you tell me tho how we will know when you get to round 9 and so on. Thanks again!!

  8. Marlis Dooley says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  9. Trying to get your pattern for Element cal square. Thank you

  10. Sherry ONeil says:

    such a beautiful piece! I sure wish I could crochet as beautifully as you do, but i’m a really long way from that. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Yarn recommendations would be helpful and greatly appreciated – I’m not an experienced crocheter (yet).

  12. Gisela Grünert says:

    Ist’s all very nice

  13. This pattern is on my bucket list. Thank you. It’s beautiful. Having my first great grand child next August. I should start right away. I still need instructions for rows after 9.

  14. Muchas gracias por compartir algo tan nuevo y bonito.

    1. Link to the patterns is always down of the site. Thank you 🙂

  15. How to get direction for cal. Not working for me, will also need first published rounds. Just beautiful

    1. Link to the patterns is always down of the site. Thank you 🙂

      1. Ruby TAdlock says:

        I don’t like to download sites. U never know what u are getting into. beautiful pattern though

  16. I would love to make this blanket, but I also can’t find the link for the pattern. Can you help me please. Many thanks

    1. Link to the patterns is always down of the site. Thank you 🙂

  17. Pamela Hebert says:

    Oh, those were so beautiful I hope that I will be able to make them to look as nice as yours.

  18. Hi. Week 10 is not complete in the English version. It is missing the first and last pages. It’s a beautiful pattern. Thank you for making it available. For those of you having a hard time getting a copy of the pattern, you have to download all 10 weeks and the supply list. It is a total of approx. 72 pages, with pictures.

    1. As the CAL is still one, I’m sure they publish all pattern till the end of the month. If you would like to have more details, please send a massage to: [email protected]. Thank you.:)

  19. Lois Anthony says:

    Cal Sq pattern would be nice if the link was there. At the end – I know. But all is does is send you back around in a circle. NO PATTERN. Would love to make.

    1. Link to the patterns is always at the end of the post. Thank you 🙂

  20. I just love this pattern, and I would like to make it. On the purple pattern, how many skeins of each color do I need?
    Thank you

  21. There is no link at the bottom of the article for the “ Elements Cal Square”. I would love to try this. Can you send me the link or the PDF?

    1. Link to the pattern is always at the end of the article. Please read to the end.

  22. I didn’t see the link at first either. On my kindle there was a “+” read more of the article, link and I found the links when I finally found the end of the article. ???? Good luck to those looking and thank you for the wonderful pattern.

  23. Joye McDonnel says:

    It says I have downloaded, but I can’t find anything. I know, I know at the bottom of the end of the post. But, as everyone else has said, IT IS NOT THERE. How do we get this? Or even get into what is downloaded. Can’t find it anywhere.

    1. Please find ‘Click here to read article to the end’, it starts with ‘+’ and follow the tekst to the end.

  24. Отличный квадрат, но к сожалению не могу открыть ссылку. Если вас не затруднит, перешлите мне на почтy видео мастер класса

    1. Ссылка на шаблон находится в конце статьи, спасибо.

  25. Katherine Woodard says:

    I read the article to the end and clicked on the link. It took me to a page that was not in English and looked like there was a charge for this “free” pattern. Can u send me a link(in English) for this pattern please?

    Kathy Woodard

    1. Yes, the page is in Dutch, but pattern is in Dutch and English.

  26. In the Article at the end where it says “Link to the pattern “HERE”” – click that. The complete pattern weeks are available to download in Dutch and English. There are also step by step videos on YouTube in English, just use the search function on YouTube and type in Elements CAL. It is not hard to find. I’m almost finished with mine and absolutely love it!

    1. The link to the pattern is at the end of the article.

  27. There is no link to a pattern…. 🙁 Please help!!! have been trying for days to figure out how to download the pattern from the “link at the bottom of the article” that you’ve stated…. all it does is bring me to a blank page with the picture of the CAL done in the orange sequence….. HELP!!!! 🙂

    1. Nevermind!! LOL I figured it out Finally!! 🙂 Thank you!!

      The only thing I would comment on is the fact that you ONLY give the brand name and color you used in your original pattern… This is fine EXCEPT that there are NO amounts… no weights (ounces) or lengths (yards) … different countries have different brands of yarn available to them and if I can’t find that particular brand to be able to look it up and get how much each skein has in it to convert it to the amounts I’ll need for this project… then i’ll have a very difficult time figuring out how much of each color i’ll need…. very simple thing to do….. It might be nice of you to add either the number of ounces needed or the yardage of yarn needed… Thank you!! 🙂

    2. The link to the pattern is at the end of the article. You will probably didn’t read it to the end. There is a sentence ‘click here to read article to the end’.

  28. Sorry – I know i’m commenting a lot, but I guess I just have a lot of questions…. lol

    I really wish that there was colors and brands, etc posted with the inspiring examples you’ve pictured…. i’d love to try to re-create the Grey/Burgundy &the Blue/White colorations in some way!

    1. Did you ever figure out the Grey/Burgundy colours? I’d like to make that one too 🙂

  29. Hi
    I’m having issues figuring out how to download free pattern in English

  30. I love your purple, black combo cAli pAttern it fascinates me ! I would like to give it a try . I’m not good at gettting pattern off load .

  31. Am I the only one not seeing a link at the end of the article? :(.
    And what is the name of the Facebook group?

  32. Charlotte says:

    Interested in knowing the colors used in the sample photographed by LittleStories. Love the pattern. Practiced with scrap yarn but like those colors for Christmas. Thanks!

  33. would like to have pattern, element could you please send. thank you

  34. Great post! However, I would’ve liked you to ask permission before you used my picture for it ???? The least you could’ve done was to link to my Instagram like you have linked to other people’s pages ????

    1. Hi Eva, I’m very sorry! When this post was created, it was impossible to find a sources of few photos. Please give us a link you like us to put under the photo and we will.

      1. I’m sorry, I thought you were an author of different photo. I think I know which one is yours, please have a look. Can we keep your photo? Would you like us to link to Instagram or to your webpage?

  35. Thank you for sharing all the parts to your CAL & I look forward to following them.

    For those who are unable to find the links, you need to read to the end of the review.
    Click on the bold text: – “Click here to read article to the end”
    (which you will find below the pictures of the Purple, Lemon & gold squares)

    You will see the rest of the article, and the link is at the end.
    Look above the red box saying “Save pattern to Pinterest”
    You will see “Elements Cal Square – Free pattern is >>>>Here. <<<
    There's also a link to the Ravelry & Facebook pages.

    1. Thank you, just saw this after sending my comment that I could not find it.

  36. Barbara gardner I says:

    I am trying to download this pattern so if you could please email this to me my email acc is [email protected]

    1. Link to the pattern is at the end of the post. Sorry, we can not email it to you.

    1. Link to the pattern is at the end of the post.

    2. Frances West says:

      Would like the pattern for Elements CAL Square. Much thanks. Frances

      1. Link to the pattern is at the end of the post.

        1. So you keep saying – I still cannot find it !!

          1. Link to the pattern is at the end of the post, but please first find the sentence “Click here to read article to the end’.

  37. I still can not get the pattern

    1. Link to the pattern is at the end of the post, but please first find the sentence “Click here to read article to the end’.

  38. I wish I knew the colors and brand used for the purple and gold one. Gorgeous

  39. carol page says:

    never able to download patterns free or pay

    1. It is free pattern, link to the pattern is at the end of the post

      1. Where. I don’t have a link

        1. Link to the pattern is at the end of the post, but please first find the sentence “Click here to read article to the end’.

  40. Hey Jo,
    Thank you for linking to my Instagram but the link is broken. Would you mind fixing it? ????
    Best regards,
    Eva of @evacharlie_kreakaos

    1. Hi, I’m so sorry, I was probably logged to Instagram. Could you please check it now?

  41. Sandra Jones says:

    the pattern isn’t available at the end.

    hope I can find it or you can tell e where I can find it

    Thank you

    1. Link to the pattern is at the end of the post, but please first find the sentence “Click here to read article to the end’.

  42. Hi,

    Wonderful tutorial!

    Thank you for your post!
    You are a talented person!

  43. I am trying to find the free written pattern for this because a friend wants to try it.

    At one point toward the top of this page, you say that the link to the free pattern is at the end…..no it is not. It takes me to a page from Amsterdam (I think) and every single one of the four pattern choices for this that they show has an amount in Euros underneath it.

    The link for seeing the free pattern on Ravelry even takes me tot hat same Amsterdam website.

    If you do not want to give the written pattern, please do not give links where the written pattern is not free.

    1. Ani, please just scroll dawn the ‘Amsterdam’ page – pattern is dawn the page under the four yarn pattern choices and it’s divided into 12 parts (weeks).

  44. VICKY FRANKS says:

    I love this afghan pattern. Can’t wait to make it.

  45. Jeanette Hamilton says:

    This is beautiful

  46. Robin Waldron says:

    I am wondering how I can her the Elements Cal Square Patterns in English.
    Can you please help me out
    Thanks so much

    1. Please skip to the sentence ‘go to the pattern’ followed by its name and click on it. (Optionally, it may said „the free crochet pattern is >here<"). Yes, pattern is in English as well.

  47. Mary Brown says:

    I am looking forward to starting this project

  48. Mary Brown says:

    This is an amazing pattern

  49. Mary Brown says:

    Trying to get some great patterns

    1. Please skip to the sentence ‘go to the pattern’ followed by its name and click on it. (Optionally, it may said „the free crochet pattern is >here<").

    1. Please skip to the sentence ‘go to the pattern’ followed by its name and click on it. (Optionally, it may said „the free crochet pattern is >here<").

  50. Is there anyone that can tell me the colours used for the Grey/Burgundy picture shown here?
    Thank you very much in advance

  51. Evelyn Marilyn Ross says:

    I would like the free pattern please.

  52. The pattern is not accessible.

  53. marjorie geddes says:

    It says free pattern but I only get directed to a page asking for money. There is no free pattern. If someone has it can you please send it to me. I would appreciate it.

    1. A link to a free pattern is at the end of the post. Please take time to read the post, and you will have no problems to find it.

  54. Leta Secrest says:

    I don’t see no link for this pattern

    1. A link to each pattern is underneath its picture. It is usually the name of the pattern in blue color.

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