Unicorn Dreams Blanket Free Crochet Pattern



Hearts, balloons, flowers and rainbows: all you need to make baby blankets, comforters or bed throws. It’s simply fabulous. At the same time this is a series of easy squares to make, so they’ll work up quickly and you can arrange them in any layout and design you like. Also, beyond ready to make 4 square patterns, the Unicorn Dream Blanket is a CAL which is in week 1, and you can follow along and interact with other crocheters and learn more squares. It’s a beautiful project, and well worth exploring. The squares available right now are: Small Rainbow Square, Heart Balloon Square, Pansy Square and Rainbow Heart Square. A link to a free pattern is at the end of the post.

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SkillsEasy        Designer: Lisa Hooper

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Unicorn Dreams Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


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  1. So far, easy enough and I’m loving how pretty the blocks turn out. Just one observation though; I’m using Charity DK yarn and a 4mm hook and my blocks are 18cm x 18cm, not 12 x 12 as stated in the pattern. No problem though, that just means the blankie will be larger and it can be used for longer 😀

  2. Hello, was trying to sign up for the unicorn baby blanket with all the pretty squares and newsletter. I put my email address in the space provided, and it keeps telling me ooops, something went wrong. I have the patterns for the first 4, but can not get any more. I do realize that this comes out so many at a time

  3. I would love to follow along, however I am so longer on FB. Is there another way I can get the subsequent squares?

  4. Hello was trying to get week 7 of the unicorn baby blanket but I cannot access them to print them, gives me a message that something went wrong. How can I get them. I am so close to having all of them.

    Thanks Josie

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