Four crocheted teddy bears in different colors.

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Inspired by the children’s cartoon of yore (Ha! Maybe even some of us watched is as kids), the happy bears are a lovely idea for an amigurumi bear family. The project is easy to make, and each bear is color-coordinated by using a base color that then sets the basis for the rest of the ami toy. These little guys are very adaptable too. You can choose the base color, and then use any applique off the web. 4 applique patterns are provided.
SkillsEasy        DesignerStringyDingDing

Happy Bears Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

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Happy Bears Free Crochet Pattern


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  1. These remind me of the Care Bears that my daughter collected when she was young. Really really cute!

  2. What is the yarn requirement per bear. I have som fabulous cotton yarn I would love to use, but don’t want to run out part way.

  3. Pat Bennison says:

    Same as Karen how much yarn is needed.

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