Two trending crocheted baskets and a bag.

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Crocheting up storage items: beauty and utility.

While we all crochet items of apparel and decoration, the possibilities that crocheting offers are so much broader than that. In fact, baskets are a great way to use crocheting to make useful items, in this case for storage. Nevertheless, they are still beautiful and decorative and so much fun to make and customize. Furthermore, each trendy basket in this compendium will be a great idea for a cherished and treasured  gift for someone special and dear to your heart.

Mountain Lodge Basket

To get start, this very fancy, tubular and trendy basket is a wonderful example of how you can use soft yarn to make a rigid structure that maintains its own shape. Also, I love the use of a change of texture to add some visual appeal..

Mountain Lodge Basket

The full article about this pattern is here:

Mountain Lodge Basket

Moss Stitch Basket

This is another trendy basket pattern that will surely hit the spot. However, this is a more retro, classic design that would look sooo great with an art deco  interior.

Moss Stitch Basket

The full article about this pattern is here:

Moss Stitch Basket

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  1. Linda Ludick says:

    Gorgeous baskets

  2. Shelley Wainrib says:

    where do I get the pattern for the moss stitch basket?

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