Tiny crocheted valentine card with a cactus.

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Saint V’s is still a month away

So, having started with some heart motifs, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Thus here are some tiny crochet ideas for Valentine’s. While they ay be small, they are certainly apropos and very useful for this amazing holiday. Of course, we wouldn’t present just any projects. Indeed, these are fun, easy and above all very beautiful projects to endear yourself to that special someone. Without a doubt, I just know they will reciprocate year round, because nothing says love like a hand-made, crocheted item.

Valentine’s Letter Envelope

To begin with, the first of our tiny crochet ideas is a wonderful envelope to enclose that beautiful card. After all, the packaging counts when giving presents.

Skills: Easy Designer: Elisa Sartori

Go to the pattern: Valentine Envelope


Valentine Card

Next, we have another card envelope that is a great complement to the tiny crochet ideas for presents. Overall this one will be a perfect accompaniment for some flowers or chocolates.

Skills: Easy   Designer: Studio.wow_toys

Go to the pattern: Valentine Card.


Ami Cactus

Finally, tiny crochet ideas for Valentines de rigeur require some amigurumi. Like love itself, this is a prickly little heart – perfect!

Skills: Easy Designer: Am_igrushka

Go to the pattern:  Valentine Cactus.


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