The 3 Easiest Easter Projects for Newbies Free Crochet Patterns

The 3 Easiest Easter Projects for Newbies Free Crochet Patterns
Crochet bunny, an easy Easter project.

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It’s half-way through January, and Easter is on the horizon.

So, it’s high time that we have a look at some projects to anticipate this holiday. Thus, we have selected 3 easiest Easter projects that will get you going. Overall, these will be an excellent practice session for the newbie and a quick way to not only make Easter decorations but also to work on your chops. However, they’ll also be a great warmup for the veteran before getting into bigger Easter projects. Of course, as these are beginner projects, they are simple, well written and quick to make. That said, once you familiarize yourself with them, they can also be customized to make them your own.

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Bunny Bunting

A list of the easiest Easter projects would not be complete without bunny bunting. So, here is an idea for Easter Bunny bunting. This Easter Bunny bunting is a fun, very colorful project to put into various corners around the home to increase their Easter appeal. Afterwards, it’s still a great decoration for a kids’ room or play area.

Bunny BuntingThe original pattern and the photos are available on Ravelry:

Bunny Bunting

More info about project on Ravlery.

Hoppity Hop

Of course, the easiest Easter projects will also include appliques. Consequently, here are some you can apply to crocheted, cloth and woven surfaces. Furthermore, you can also stick them onto hard surfaces, such as a wall, window or another item. Finally, you can use them as hanging ornaments in Easter displays. There is really no end to the possibilities.

Hoppity HopThe original pattern and the photos are available at blog:

Hoppity Hop

More info about projects also on Ravlery.

Easter Egg Bunny Hat Crochet Pattern

To top off our 3 easiest Easter projects, here is an Easter bunny hat to put over eggs. Don’t you think this at the same level of cuteness as baby Yoda?

Easter Egg Bunny Hat Crochet PatternThe original pattern and the photos are available on  here:

Easter Egg Bunny Hat