Toy Elephant Free Crochet Patterns

Elephants are a great crochet subject, because they can be made as cute and cuddly or as realistic as you like. Additionally, they are generally easy to crochet because of their simple shapes.

Therefore, here are some ideas to get you crocheting these wonderful creatures. Your kids will love them instantly and everyone else will want an elephant of their own as well. Below you will find links to 3 big or medium size elephant free crochet patterns. Moreover, just about anyone will appreciate them when they come to visit and they will say “That’s quite an elephant you got there!”.

Amigurumi Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

This amigurumi is a cute baby elephant with gorgeous, droopy ears and a lovely smile. Moreover, he is made even cuter by his absolutely adorable diaper. So, I don’t think anyone can resist, and everyone will want to crochet one of these for themselves.

Skills:  Easy        Designer:  Craft Passion

Ami Elephant

The full article about this pattern is here:

Amigurumi Elephant

Elephant Girl in Outfit Free Crochet Pattern

This lovely female elephant (elephantess??) is a lovely little figurine with a sweet and soulful gaze. Additionally, she is outfitted with amazing fashion accessories just begging to be customized to your unique taste.

Skills: Easy   Designer : Lonemer Creations

Elephant in Girl Outfit

The full article about this pattern is here:

Melly Teddy Ragdoll Eliah Ellie

UPDATE: Sorry, this pattern is not longer available for free.

Eliah and Ellie are the cutest pachyderm duo you can think of. These rag-doll elephants are very easy to make. Moreover, they are super nice to accessorize and therefore to really make your own. Lastly, this will be a super great project for making an end-of-school-year gift for the kids.

Skills: Easy   Designer : Melanie Grobler

Melly Teddy Ragdoll

The full article about this pattern is here:

Esther The Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

Esther the Elephant is another adorable elephant project that you’ll love. In addition to her cute stubby trunk, she has large floppy ears and is an easy project to work up. Moreover, she can be customized in many ways such as her color and crocheted eyes. Therefore, this is a great project to build your skills on, as well as getting on your kids’ good side.

Skills: Easy   Designer : Jess Huff

Esther the elephant

The full article about this pattern is here:

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