Hot Air Balloon Decor Free Crochet Patterns

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Let your imagination fly into the sky

There is nothing so decorative as a hot air balloon. Indeed, balloon flyers have gone out of their way to make theirs the prettiest, most colorful and fanciest one they could. Over the years, these wonderful airships have also become a favorite staple in decoration. Thus, hot air balloon decor has been worked into many forms of household adornments, including wallpapers, pictures and the like. Here, we present some ideas for amigurumi in this theme, great for the young and old alike and hot air balloon free crochet patterns.

Hot Air Balloon in the Cloud Wall Hanger

This hot air balloon decoration is a wall hanger which makes the balloons look like they’re floating in the sky among the clouds. Better still, the great thing is that you can really present the wonderful variety of balloons colors and designs, all in one project.

Hot Air Balloon in the cloud free crochet pattern

The full article about this pattern is here:

Hot Air Balloon in the Cloud

Hot Air Balloon Baby Mobile

Introduce your youngest to hot air ballooning as early as possible. While they’re really small, they can view this beautiful mobile and observe it to train their eyes. When they’re older, they can bat and swat at it to train their coordination. And, of course, this hot air balloon free crochet pattern can also function as a pacifier holder.

Hot Air Balloon Mobile

The full article about this pattern is here:

Air Balloon Mobile

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