Colorful crocheted baskets.

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Swirls are captivating, so are rolls.

Thus, to continue the theme, albeit at a smaller scale, here are some ideas for swirl and roller coasters that will be the toast of the table. Regardless of whether you’re having an informal BBQ or a nice dinner, these beautiful coasters will definitely fit in. Moreover, because they’re fast and simple, it will be quite easy to make entire sets, both for yourself and to hand out as gifts. Indeed, these would be a great token to hand over to the host along with a bottle of wine.

Roller Coasters

To begin with, this wonderful part of our collection of swirl and roller coasters is a classy, but colorful table accessory. Overall, they are great for a modern set up or an informal but stylish gathering.

Skills: easy      Designer: Kirsten Ballering

Roller Coasters

The full article about this pattern is here:

Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters Set (Coasters and Basket Holder)

If you’ve already made swirl and roller coasters, why not put in a little additional effort and crochet a holder? Simply, wow, this set of coasters and a holding basket is out of this world, and definitely giftable.

Skills: easy      Designer: Kirsten Ballering / ZiaPin


The full article about this pattern is here:

Roller Coasters Set

Candy Swirl Coasters

Although our swirl and roller coasters have included mainly rollers, here is a swirl coaster pattern to make up for this. To summarize, this coaster is made of 2 spirals of different colors that together make a traditional swirl lollipop shape. Also, this is a great project for using up pesky yarn bits, so that you can make room for brand new pesky yarn bits!

Skills: easy      Designer: Catherine Bligh

Candy Swirl Coasters

The full article about this pattern is here:

Candy Swirl Coasters

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