A collage of crocheted cupcakes, cookies, and a kitty with amigurumi pie.

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You might not have to be a sweetie to be a goodie, but it sure does help!

Ahead of Halloween, why not sweeten up your fall with these absolutely delectable and oh, so sweet confectionery-themed amigurumi projects? These wholesome amigurumi pie will be great to liven up any Halloween decoration, however they will be particularly great for Thanksgiving as little place setting decorations or dioramas. Moreover, these are all quick and highly customizable projects that will be an easy way to enhance any holiday spirit. Lastly, they would also be great as toys or party loot bag stuffers.

Cute Cupcake Pin Cushion

In all of baking, there are few things as beautiful as a cupcake. Therefore, here is one done in amigurumi, a perfect way to always have your cake… although perhaps not toe eat it. As you can see, it looks so scrumptious that it would be hard not to try and take a bite 😉

Designer: Ling Ryan

cute cupcake

The full article about this pattern is here:

Cupcake Pin Cushion

Cherry Pie Amigurumi

Few things say “home” like a fresh out of the oven cherry pie. So, to bring some of that feeling, perhaps for a family member who is stuck far from home, here is a cherry pie amigurumi that will always remind them of their family.

Skills: Easy    Designer:  ChiWei Ranck

cherrypie ami

The full article about this pattern is here:

Cherry Pie Amigurumi

Pumkitty Pie

Cats and pumpkin pies… what could be more “halloweeny”than cats and pumpkin pies? Of course, this cat’s super sweet and the pumpkin pie is too cute to be true. Nevertheless, who said that Halloween has to be all ghosts and ghouls?

Skills: Easy    Designer: Anitha Domacin

pumpkitty pie

The full article about this pattern is here:

Pumkitty Pie

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