A collage of crocheted sunflowers.

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Let’s express our support for Ukraine

While the terrible situation continues in Ukraine, we can express our support against aggression with thematic crochet. Thus, here are some ideas for a sunflower for Ukraine. Overall, this is a theme that will be very good for expressing your support. Since their national colors are yellow and blue, sunflowers are a particularly great flower that can be combined with a blue background or band to generate a design evocative of this flag. Better still, in addition to taking a political stance, this is simply a super attractive and fun theme to work on.

Sunflower Cuff

So, our first pattern for a sunflower fo Ukraine is a cuff with a sunflower overtop a blue band. Indeed, this is a particularly visible and decorative expression of support.

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Sunflower Cuff

Go to the free pattern : Small Sunflower Applique  by Raffaella Tassoni and Chevron Cuff by Tamara Kelly. 

More info about Doubleshort’s project on Ravelry.

Crocodile Stitch Sunflower Square

However, if you are looking for a sunflower for Ukraine pattern that’s more utilitarian, why not try this square? Not only is it in the Ukrainian colors, but will also make a beautiful blanket, afghan or throw.

Crocodile Stitch Sunflower Square

Go to the free pattern: Crocodile Stitch Sunflower Square

Ukrainian Sunflower

This Ukrainian Sunflower designed by Golden Lucy Crafts is a cleaver idea how to put your heart into project supporting Ukraine. Finished sunflower measures about 10-1/2’ in diameter.

Ukrainian Sunflower

Go to the free pattern: Ukrainian Sunflower

Sunflower Towel Topper

Next, while this pattern is not strictly meant to express your support, you can certainly make this a sunflower for Ukraine. Indeed, combine this topper with a deep sky-blue towel and voila!

Rustic Sunflower Towel Topper

Go to the free pattern:  Sunflower Towel Topper

Sunflower Cup Coasters

Next, like the previous pattern, you can make this a sunflower for Ukraine by combining it with a blue background. Overall, this would look great on a blue tablecloth, or with a blue napkin to accompany this beautiful sunflower.Sunflower Cup Coasters

Go to the free pattern: Sunflower Cup Coasters

Heart Square

While not strictly a sunflower for Ukraine, this amazing little square is a great way to express your solidarity. Indeed, this pattern is a fabulous way to show your stance against an absurd and horrible war.

Heart Square

Go to the free pattern: Heart Square

Sunflower Baby Hat

Again, while not strictly a sunflower for Ukraine, you can certainly make it into one with a blue hat or  blue booties. In addition to being supportive, they are also a beautifull way to dress up the little one for an outing in the stroller.

Ssunflower Baby Hat

Go to the free pattern: Ssunflower Baby Hat

Summer Sunflower

Finally, here is a beautiful sunflower that can be adapted to be a statement. So, in order tot turn this into a sunflower for Ukraine, you need to combine it with something blue, either a background or ribbon.

summer sunflower scaled

Go to the free pattern: Summer Sunflower

Ukraine Sunflower

A sunflower in a pot will be a great idea to display your support on a window shill.

Ukraine Sunflower

Go to the free pattern: Ukraine Sunflower

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