Star-Shaped Baby Vest Free Crochet Pattern

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Baby vests are a great way of gifting mothers with young children with a garment that says love and handmade like nothing else. These star-inspired vests are a beautiful way of doing just that. The layered, geometric lines are a great match for colors from a particular palette, but a monochrome vest would also look very nice. These vests have a button in the front, which will make putting them on a baby very easy. A link to the free pattern is at the end of the post.
SkillsEasy       Designer Svetlana M.

Star-Shaped Baby Vest Free Crochet Pattern

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Star-Shaped Baby Vest Free Crochet Pattern

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  1. Aleida Boot says:

    Love this pattern but prefer the white with colour trimings.

  2. I love this !!! I have been wanting to get this pattern to make it !!!! I hope I can download it.

  3. Brigitte Konstantinoff says:

    bonjour , je trouve ce modèle très beau, et j’aimerais bien le faire pour ma petite fille. serait-il possible d’avoir le modèle s’il vous plait?MErci beaucoup.

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