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The Top Down Baby Jacket is a classic baby garment that will match any outfit or bassinet. It’s ideal for a spring stroll, when it’s too warm to dress your baby in a warm coat, but too cool to walk them in just their t-shirt. The possible color variations are endless, and the soft, cuddly texture will keep the little one warm, without irritating their skin. That, and combined with the beanie, this jacket is just sooooo adorable….

A link to a free pattern is at the end of the post.

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Top Down Baby Jacket Free Crochet Pattern

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Go to the pattern:

Top Down Baby Jacket 

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  1. Im wanting free pattern jacket and it would not download please help it is a crochet jacket.. it is a top down jacket thank you

    1. Ria, a link to the pattern page is at the end of the post – ‘go to the pattern + name of the pattern’

  2. Brenda Gemmell says:

    I love your top down baby jacket!!! I always wanted to crochet baby sweaters. I have made 6 of them. Awesome pattern. I would love to make one for an older granddaughter. Do you have the pattern in a size 10-12?

  3. EvelynMcGonigal says:

    Does not go to the pattern anywhere….pls help ,e find it thank you ant find this pattern ….pls help me find it thank you

  4. Dear Evelyn,

    I found the pattern under one of the advertisement videos half way down the page. Small print on the left and it says, “Go to the pattern: ” just below it and centered on the page is the words: “Top Down Baby Jacket” in blue ink. If you click on it, you will be taken to the pattern.

    Hope you find it.

  5. How would you change the pattern for a 6 month size? Thanks for your help!

  6. I love the pattern and am almost finished with the body. Just noticed that the sleeves are done in DC while the body is done in HDC. Is that correct?

  7. anonymous says:

    I was taken with the baby top down jacket with the hoodie. Unfortunately the link does not show the hoodie to the jacket.

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