Squirrel and Chipmunk Free Crochet Patterns

It’s still fall, and so there is still time for fall-themed patterns

Of course, what says fall better than squirrels and chipmunks “squirrelling away” (sorry, had to do it!) their nuts and seeds. They are a favorite cartoon character, but also a wonderful sight to see in parks and in the backyard. Moreover, both animals are fairly easy to crochet, especially as they are made of simple, basic shapes with decorations. All in all, they are unquestionably fun to work on, but also a joy to play with for the kids. Additionally, they’d make wonderful stocking stuffers. Let’s see Squirrel and Chipmunk Free Crochet Patterns below.

Oscar the Squirrel

Here is Oscar busily putting away his acorns before the winter. Indeed, this is probably the last of his pantry. So, this is definitely a great fall amigurumi.

Oscar the Squirrel
The original pattern is available here:

Oscar the Squirrel


Chip & Dale Free Crochet Pattern

If you prefer a crochet chipmunk over a squirrel, here is a crochet pattern for making the world’s favorite chipmunks, and a certain duck’s sworn enemies. At any rate, they are lovable and fun characters from some favorite childhood cartoons.

The original pattern is available here:

Chip & Dale



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Paula Sibert 4 November 2020 at 12:07 am

All the little critters are so cute.


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