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Quick, Easter is coming and baskets are needed!

So, spring basket ideas are just the thing you need to help you get past the end of winter. Moreover, you can also customize any of them with more colors and even make them taller if you’d like. Indeed, it’s entirely up to you! Whether you need a yarn holder, a shopping basket or something for the kids to put their eggs in, we have you covered. Of course, in addition to special purposes, these are fun and easy projects in their own right. Nevertheless, they will still provide a great opportunity to up your game and increase your skill above and beyond.


Lila Basket

To begin with, the Lila Basket is an easy yet texture-rich pattern. It is worked in the round with chunky yarn. Therefore, it has great stability and a wonderful heft and is a fabulous spring basket.

Lila Basket

Go to the free pattern: Lila Basket

Herringbone Round Basket

Undoubtedly, the herringbone half double crochet spring basket will be perfect to achieve a modern look and a pleasant, homogeneous texture.

Herringbone Round Basket

Go to the free pattern: Herringbone Round Basket

Bramble Basket

Finally, the the Bramble spring basket is a wonderful pattern that’s friendly to the newbie. Overall, it’s a hanging basket crochet pattern that anyone can make. It’ll be great to sort and organize small winter gear. Of course, you can also use it to display items like toys or plants, but it’s also great for storage. To summarize, it’s dead easy, attractive and super useful and functional.

Bramble Basket

Go to the free pattern: Bramble Basket

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