Snowman Hat Free Crochet Pattern

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If you are looking for adorable winter hat for a child or something extravagant for yourself to put on at a Christmas party, don’t look farther. This funny and eye-catching hats will be also a great gift idea. White and black yarn will give a nice base, but as a third, contrast color you can pick any color you want and it will always looks amazing! You can choose pattern of a snowman wearing a hat 🙂 or just a snowman hat with a pom-pom like the green hat from the photo. Maybe you would like Ear Muff Hat? This pattern is also available for adults, although cocoon pattern is only for newborns 😉 Links to free patterns are below.

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Skills: Easy            Designer:  Sarah Zimmerman

Snowman Hat Free Crochet Pattern

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Snowman Hat and Baby Cocoon


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Snowman with a Top Hat

Snowman Hat with a Pom-pom

Snowman Ear Muff Hat & Baby Cocoon

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  1. cool, just in time for Christmas

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