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Snail Ornament Free Crochet Patterns

Snail Ornament

When projects move at a snail’s pace…

Perhaps it’s time join in the slowed down tempo, and make a snail ornament? While they’re not strictly associated with Christmas, snails are also a fun theme for Christmas tree ornaments. Indeed, their round, bulbous shape is just about about ideal for hanging on evergreen branches. However, the whole idea is to put something a little bit different and a little bit whimsical into your Christmas celebrations. In fact, I can just imagine a whole snail-themed tree, with these very relaxed little molluscs just slowly cruising around the tree. To this point, think rock around the Christmas tree at a veeeeery relaxed pace 😀

Snail Ornament

To begin with, here is a great pattern for a 3 color combo. Of course, you can also make it in more hues, eg. such as a rainbow. Either way, this will be a wonderful addition to your snail-themed tree, or a stocking stuffer for the little ones.

Snail Ornament

Go to the pattern: Snail Ornament


Sean the Snail

Next, here is another snail ornament, a little more cartoon-like this time. Sean is a super easy pattern that you work up in two easy shapes and then accessorize with eyes and antennae. Overall, this can be a great showcase for your color-matching skills.


Go to the pattern: Sean The Snail


Sean the Snail

Finally, here is another snail ornament done in an even simpler technique. Consequently, this one will be a great beginner pattern and a wonderful foray into all things snail crochet.


Sally the Snail

Go to the pattern: Sally The Snail


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