Small Pet Amigurumi

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Some of us can’t keep animals in the house, and some of us already have too many.

So, for those in that situation, here are some crocheted small home pets. After all, what could be better then a pet you can safely give to a small child, no mess, no hair on the couches and no noise? Sure, they won’t come to you when you call, but they can come in any color, shape or form you care o make in. Moreover, the patterns below are easy, but can be infinitely customized in accordance with your individual taste and need.

Hamster Amigurumi

What is your favorite snack? Do you like healthy snacks and fruit like strawberries or watermelons? What about seeds? Definitely, it is snack time and this small house pet confirms it in spades. Fortunately, the pattern is so easy, that you can make them all at once! Just pick up your favorite snack, color and get started! I’m pretty sure that when you make the first hamster it will be hard to put down your hook before doing at least three more of them. These crocheted small home pets are a great children’s gift idea and a unique handmade gift for a friend.

Hamster AmiguramiThe full article about this pattern is here:

Snack Time Hamster

Newborn Guinea Pig

A newborn guinea pig is an adorable small house pet. Thus, making them will be hard to resist. You can crochet only one or a whole family and the colour scheme is entirely up to you (although we feel the natural ones shown below are excellent in their own right). What could be cuter amongst crocheted small home pets?

newborn guinea pig scaled

The full article about this pattern is here:

Newborn Guinea Pig

Ami Rat

Although rats are a very underrated small house pet, you can use crochet to show that this is unjust. In fact, these little rodents are intelligent and can be very friendly and fun to observe. Thus, celebrate them with a bit of crocht.

ami rat scaled

The full article about this pattern is here:

Newborn Guinea Pig

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