Two crocheted blankets with new designs.

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Let’s fancy up a classic.

We all know and love granny crochet, however it can get a little ho-hum. Never fear, though, here are some ideas to show you the wilder side of granny crochet. Indeed, here are two granny throws that will be an amazing addition to your home. Moreover, they will definitely come amiss in case you want to give someone a hand made, loving gift. Overall, these blankets combine a classic texture with a very modern design, giving them a great versatility and adaptability. Thus, they’ll go with both a classic and a modern decor.

Ocean Glow Throw Free Crochet Pattern (Squared Diamond Granny Throw)

While this granny blanket is easy, it’s by no means banale or boring. In fact, it’s one of the best adaptations of a granny crochet blanket I’ve seen. Furthermore, it’s sized such that it will fit standard North American bed sizes simply by adjoining the squares. Ocean Glow Throw is adaptation of the Squared Diamond Granny Throw Free Crochet pattern by Chris Apao.

Skills: easy      Designer: Chris Apao

Ocean Glow Blanket

The full article about this pattern is here:

Squared Diamond Granny Throw

more info about PinkLemons’ project on Ravelry.

Drop in the Pond Lap Blanket

Secondly, the drop in the pond granny crochet blanket is designed to evoke the rippling surface of water. In contrast to other projects, it eschews straight edges in favor of stepped borders defined by angled granny stitches.

Skills: easy      Designer: Elizabeth Ham

Drop in the Pond Lap Blanket

The full article about this pattern is here:

Drop in The Pond Lap Blanket

more info about AlwaysOnTheHook’s project here.

Daphne Afghan

This cute baby afghan is very easy to make using popular granny stitch. On the same time is not a simple granny – a blanket consists of 4 triangles which gives you an eye-catching structure and looks great both in the center of the afghan and when folded.

Skills: easy      Designer:  Toni Lipsey

daphne afghan

The full article about this pattern is on

Daphne Afghan

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