Summer Shrug

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Simplicity rules. Less is oh so much more.

Since it is uncomplicated, the simple spring shrug is a perfect garment to quickly grab and throw across your shoulders to go out or just to be a bit warmer. Of course, you can also wear one as something for a fancier outing. Regardless of the occasion, one of these simple, quick and easy shoulder wraps will be perfect. Moreover, these are easy and simple projects requiring little in the way of yarn. Therefore, you can make these quickly, using simple resources you are likely to have at home already.

Simple Shrug

Because the name says it all, there is little to add. Overall, this is a beautiful, simple and very attractive sweater or shoulder wrap.

Skills: easy      Designer: Lion Brand Yarn

Simple Shrug

The full article about this pattern is here:

Simple Shrug

more info about project photographed here.

Continuous Granny Square Shrug

Although this uses the most basic of techniques, granny crochet, this simple spring shrug is an absolute gem. In particular, I love the use of different colors to offset the homogenous surface, as well as the foldable versatility of this shrug.

Skills: easy      Designer:  Michelle Greenberg


Continuous Granny Square Shrug

The full article about this pattern is here:

Continuous Granny Square Shrug or on Ravelry.

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  1. hola. nunca puedo abrir los patrones gratuitos. aunque me registre en las paginas que menciona, no logro hacerlo. no sé que estare haciendo mal

    1. Hi Susana, a link to the pattern is always under the photos. In this post, please go to the sentence:
      The full article about this pattern is here:’Simple Shrug’.

  2. The link does not work

  3. Beth A Bosshart says:

    the link to these shrugs are not free. very disappointing.

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