A crocheted unicorn with rainbow colored hair.

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Kids love fantasy creatures, and none more than unicorns. There is a lot of magic in the words “unicorn” and “rainbow”. Let your children discover them in this lovable rainbow-maned and -tailed cutie, which is sure to become their favourite cuddly toy.

Free Crochet Pattern and Video Tutorial

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Rainbow unicorn amigurumi free crochet pattern and video tutorial

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Rainbow Unicorn Amigurumi

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  1. I simply love your patterns. I have crocheted many things over years, but always loved to make crocheted animals, no matter what they were. Unicorns are high on the list. My daughter loved each animal I made that she built her own menagerie of the ones I made. Like me, she loved the animals when they are mini’s. She said there was room for all of them in her drawer, and she had them stuffed in there. I’m sure her own daughters would love this unicorn too. Thanks for the pattern.

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