Snowmen Head Ornaments

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Make each one unique, make it your own

While mass produced Christmas ornaments have their place, for example on a designer, minimalistic tree, there is nothing quite as special as a personalized bauble. Indeed, unique, custom creations have always been one of the most favored and cherished Christmas gifts. Moreover, since there is no limit to your creativity, there is always the opportunity to match the gift to the bestowed. Or, if you are making one for yourself, each and every location in the house can be personalized and perfect.

Christmas Baubles

These personalized baubles are quite traditional, yet bring a fresh breath to this very classic area. Moreover, they are super playful and fun, giving them a very jolly and jaunty appearance.

Designer: Raffaella Tassoni

Christmas Bauble Ornaments

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Christmas Baubles

Snowmen Heads

Next, we have these personalized baubles in the form of snowmen heads. In particular, the one in red looks like the Bonhomme du Neige from the Quebec winter carnival.

Designer: Repeat Crafter Me

Snowmen Heads Ornament

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Snowmen Heads

Snowmen Baubles

Next, these personalized baubles are proof that traditional ornaments don’t need to be calcified. Indeed, these ones are fully modernized and ready to tackle the winter of today.

Designer: StringyDingDing

Snowmen Baubles

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Snowmen Baubles

more info about project photographed here.

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