Free patterns by Lindsey Dale

Lindsey Dale is the designer behind Winding Road Crochet where her passion for crochet and crafting shines through. As a devoted creator, Lindsey adores crafting vibrant, family-inspired crochet projects and crafts, filling her home and the hearts of her loved ones with yarny goodness. Take a moment to explore her delightful creations, and you’re bound to discover something that speaks to your heart.

Lindsey’s wellspring of inspiration knows no bounds. With a love for yarn ever-present in her thoughts, she draws creative energy from the picturesque landscapes of her road trips across Arizona and her desert hikes. Her children, too, are an endless source of creativity and motivation.

On her blog, you’ll find a treasure trove of free crochet patterns, insightful articles, and beginner-friendly stitch tutorials, all designed to help fellow crafters. Her YouTube channel, with over 116k subscribers, is a vibrant community eager to join her on her crafting adventures.

Lindsey’s creations, ranging from lovely gnome amigurumi to cozy chunky blankets, fashionable shawls, and modern home decor, brim with playfulness and color. Yet, their true essence lies in the seamless blend of beauty and practicality. Join Lindsey on her creative journey, and let her warmth and passion brighten your crafting world.

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