Vintage Granny Square Christmas Tree - free pattern

A crocheted christmas tree hanging on a door.
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Transform simple green granny squares into a charming Vintage Granny Square Christmas Tree with this delightful crochet pattern by Dawn. This festive project allows you to create a lovely Christmas tree wall hanging by edging basic plain green granny squares in white, adding a touch of holiday magic to your decor.

The granny squares in this pattern come in a variety of sizes, from small to large, providing a visually appealing and dynamic design for your Christmas tree. This versatile pattern allows you to customize the size and arrangement of the granny squares, making it easy to adapt to your preferences and available space.

Perfect for beginners, this Vintage Granny Square Christmas Tree pattern offers a straightforward and enjoyable crochet experience. Whether you’re looking to enhance your crochet skills or add a handmade touch to your holiday decorations, this pattern is a wonderful choice. Create a festive and timeless Christmas tree wall hanging with this brilliant crochet pattern, bringing warmth and joy to your home during the holiday season!