Stardew Triangle Scarf - free pattern

A Stardew Triangle Scarf featuring tassels.
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Look at this simple but very eye-catching design Alex DellAringa has come up with. The Stardew Triangle Scarf certainly falls into the category of beginner-friendly patterns with amazing looks. All you need to be know to start with this crochet shawl project is a set of basic stitches.

Surely every woman knows that feeling when winter is over and you don’t know what to wear. This crochet scarf will prove an excellent clothing accessory once spring comes in the air. It features a beautiful lace texture and light fabric that is thick enough to give you warm when it still feels chilly outside. Follow the two-colored palette that conveys fresh summer vibes or go on with your favourites shades. You can put the finishing touches by adding adorable tassels at each corner of the shawl. Like the idea of having it wrapped around your neck? If so, don’t hesitate to give Stardew Triangle Scarf a try!