Single Crochet Baby Blanket - free pattern

A white crocheted blanket on a carpet.
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The Single Crochet Baby Blanket crochet pattern by Gretchen Kalhust offers a straightforward and easy-to-follow design, making it perfect for beginners. Crafted using bulky weight yarn and a 10.0 mm hook, this blanket works up quickly, ensuring you’ll have a cozy and comforting accessory for your little one in no time.

One of the highlights of this pattern is its simplicity, requiring only chains and single crochet stitches. This minimalistic approach makes it an ideal project for those new to crochet who are looking to build their skills while creating a practical and beautiful item.

For added versatility, crocheters can choose to hold two strands of worsted weight yarn together instead of using bulky weight yarn, allowing for more customization in color choices and textures. Whether you’re making it for your own bundle of joy or as a heartfelt gift for someone special, the Single Crochet Baby Blanket is sure to be treasured for its simplicity and warmth.